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  1. Have had the pleasure of seeing SO several times this season. They are a fun bunch to watch. I haven’t seen AC live, but I’ve got to wonder if their physical play will bother South. I think it will be a good game but giving the nod to AC.
  2. No reason for SK to hang their heads. This South team is pretty good. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them win the Region from the district runner-up spot. I believe they’ve done that a time or two.
  3. Throw the records and their previous game out the window. This should be another good one. Won’t be any snow on the roof of Trimble County’s gym tonight.
  4. The same official had an opportunity to make a bigger deal out of an incident a few moments before this but instead issued a stern warning. I didn’t hear what was said that prompted the technical, but figured it must have been T worthy. There wasn’t any delay on the call.
  5. Way to go Reece! He’s a fine young man and represents his team well.
  6. I am and have been at the scorer’s table for every home game over the last 10 years. It would be a challenge at our school to add another person for each game. Yes, we have people capable of the task, but it doesn’t always fit in to other people’s schedules. Sometimes we scramble to find a fill-in when someone is sick. Beyond that, let’s leave the shot clock to college and pro. For a lot of teams, there is still quite a bit of learning going on even during a game.
  7. Final from Bedford per @trimbleGameDay on Twitter.
  8. I looked around for you but didn’t see you there.
  9. Trimble County scoring via Raider GameDay on Facebook. Dylan Jennings 19 Beau Turner 13 Tate Ogburn 10 Reece Webster 8 Austin Cissell 4 Ryan Long 3 JT Wilcoxson 2
  10. Trimble County showing position open for head varsity football coach. Mike Isley was their last varsity coach and is current AD. They’re bringing back JV this season with hopes of varsity to follow. Job is posted as varsity head coach.
  11. He was not the head coach at Trimble when football was discontinued. Mike Isley had at least one year at the helm before numbers dropped.
  12. Trimble has hired Carroll County native Marc Mumphrey. Meet and greet tonight at 5:30.
  13. Per school web site. Meet and greet this afternoon at 5:30.
  14. Trimble can’t just leave the 29th and go elsewhere. I’m sure they would if they could. There has been talk of redistricting over the years, but it has been just that.
  15. Well, I ran the clock 35 years ago when I was in HS and did pretty good job. I wouldn’t discount the age of a person doing the job. The major thing about running the clock is that you can’t watch the game. It doesn’t make sense but it’s true. If you get wrapped up in the game, you’re gonna miss a stop, start or score.
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