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  1. Hard to pick Trents team, but I have a different feeling about this team. Maybe getting away from the “death matchup” for them (lost to gallatin county the last 3 seasons in the first round) . Should be very entertaining , I’ll take SK 77-70
  2. Jarin Rassman last 5 games: 17 7 10 16 11 10 31 13 5 21 12 8 28 13 9 Kid is unreal. The Wildcats are 4-1 during that stretch. Doesn’t get near the praise he deserves.
  3. He is an unbelievable player and extremely fun to watch.
  4. Gage Ashcraft with 2 big time 3’s in the 4th as well.
  5. Trimble County controlled the whole game, taken a 7 point lead into the half and a 5 point lead into the 4th. Gallatin sneaks away thanks in large part to Jarin Rassman.
  6. You think he shot 20 shots?? I don’t think that kid has ever taken over 12 in a game .
  7. Final. Gallatin with a much needed game to put them back in the W column.
  8. Hayden Dickerson will return after nursing an ankle injury he suffered in practice (missed all 3 games last week). Noah Brinker (who was also out against Lloyd) will return. Brayden Terrell (who was out Spencer and Lloyd) will return. Gallatin seems to have everyone back , but the question remains are they 100%. The game will probably remain tight for a half, but I see SK gaining control towards the end. I’ll take SK , 69-55.
  9. Not really sure. Maybe the rush of his senior year.
  10. What are the dates for that district tournament?
  11. Wasn’t a blocking foul, big man pushed him in the back. Nice dunk though Rassman still had 23 and is really willing the struggling cats along. Conley and Rassman really put on a show , going back and forth a few times. Spencer County has real potential for the next few years . Dickerson didn’t play . McAlister played but isn’t near 100% , I’d say he’s maybe 30 % if that. Gonna be a very interesting stretch for the Wildcats.
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