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  1. I would guess he's not done. He plays on the Louisville Prospects AAU team and I know he is still playing with them this spring.
  2. ColMike, I will have to respectfully disagree with you on your assessment of North Oldham and Spencer County. I feel the opposite in a series I think Spencer County wins that every time. Your talking about how they are playing at the moment. North Oldham beat a 8-17 Central team by two last night. In pressure big games Spencer County usually shows up. Now Spencer does play down to the level of competition as they showed last night against Shelby even without Conley. But like you said it's o.k. to have differences of opinion LOL. Also, have you found out if Caleb Hawley has left the Collins team? I know a little bit about that situation but wasn't sure if it was for sure.
  3. I'm surprised Hawley stayed at Collins as long as he did. That kid has some real talent and like you said is 6ft5. I know about the situation a little and he deserved better than the way he was treated by Gaither.
  4. Looks like Oldham is the team to beat going into tournament.
  5. Mabrey probably had 30 and Whitlock had close to 20 for Spencer. Austin Griffen had a nice game for Shelby. Spencer County gave up a ton of layups on the inside. Not sure the name of the kid that had those inside baskets. Haven't seen box score yet.
  6. It didn't effect seeding either way. Conley's been banged up. Giving him some rest.
  7. Conley didn't play. They rested him but make no mistake Spencer County didn't respect their opponent tonight. Brutal game. Lucky to get the win.
  8. The recent play of Tyson Turner tells me that Collins wins this by 10. I believe Turner had 28 last game?
  9. Spencer County is just coming out of several weeks of poor play. I'm just saying head to head when they played North Oldham earlier in the year it was dead even and that was when Powell was playing. I don't know how you can eliminate their best player and still think that North Oldham is better. I'm not going by common opponents and how they did because that doesn't always tell the full story. Some teams matchup better against certain teams. Anyway, Tyson Turner's play of late makes Collins the favorite in my eyes. Tonight will be interesting.
  10. As things wind down this would be my top 6 heading into the end of the year. 1.Collins 2.Oldham County 3.South Oldham 4.Spencer County 5.Simon Kenton 6.North Oldham In that order. Collins gets the nod over Oldham because of the emergence of Turner. It's all about match ups. I think Spencer County is a tough matchup for Simon Kenton and Spencer County had a chance to tie North Oldham at the buzzer with a missed three. That was at North Oldham when they had Powell. I just don't see how North Oldham can be ranked above Spencer County without Powell. Taking everything into consideration that's how I see it.
  11. Honestly, with so few possessions there wasn't going to be alot of points scored.
  12. Spencer County Scoring: Sam Conley 15 Jake Whitlock 15 Lucas Hornback 7 Bryce Roark 5 Jason Nichols 4 Gage Mabrey 3 (game winner)
  13. Collins is the one seed. Spencer is the two. Woodford is the three. Anderson is the four. Shelby is the five. Anderson and Shelby winner will play Collins while Spencer and Woodford will play the other semifinal.
  14. If they beat Shelby County. That game will be up for grabs too. Woodford will have a key starter back. Would rather play them than Collins though.
  15. You are correct they just keep running that offense. It seems like forever. I was impressed to see high school level kids able to stay that focused under intense pressure.
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