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  1. Brother had a good career at CN......in basketball. Brother also had good football career in high school, but did not play football after high school.
  2. It was tonight, due to inability of SGA to get to rim, and Knox get clean looks. Matchups.
  3. Answer? Cal put his team in position to succeed, but they couldn’t convert at the line.
  4. Washington played like a warrior, but will be remembered for 8-20 at the foul line.
  5. I can’t speak for UConn, but most D1 women’s teams practice against very average former high school boys players.
  6. Hit the nail on the head. This is why high school gyms aren’t packed across the state, especially on Friday nights. Youth sports have come to totally dominate the spectrum. I can also attest to the fact that mostly older folks attend mid major college games and high school games.
  7. Evansville job is open. Hearing that Calbert Cheaney is a candidate.
  8. K State video coordinator will need a LOT of coffee.
  9. Watched UHA at the Lexington Catholic tournament in December. Great athleticism, but they don’t like to guard. Seemed a bit selfish too.
  10. The Mid South Conference is real good basketball. Hearing that Thomas More will be out of the Presidents Conference next year, then will go from NCAA D3 to NAIA D1 the following year. And be a member of the Mid South Conference.
  11. Coy is doing a great job, but there’s nothing to build. OC has won a TON of 8th Region championships, done by many different coaches. He’s helping to continue the tradition.
  12. Camera angle was too high. Looked like watching the game from the Goodyear Blimp.
  13. You folks ever heard of Chris Whitney?
  14. Wow.....emotions running high in this thread. Although, I can definitely respect a parent defending their child when EDITED.
  15. That is irrelevant at this point. I also know that the team with the most talent doesn’t always win. The Lazy Narrative continues.....
  16. Saw it mentioned in this thread that SK made no defensive adjustments. That is totally false.....GC’s Coomer had 14 in the first half, but finished with 20. He didn’t get clean looks in the second half. The sooner SK fans/parents get off of their imagined high perch, the sooner the SK kids will buy in the way Coach Jones’s kids do. SK girls have won the 8th a few times since 2007, and yes, Coach Stowers does a good job. But, he has won the 8th when he has had the most talent. SK boys might have had the most talent in 2007, but they lost to a good Oldham County team in the finals. Other than that, SK has not had the most talent in the 8th. Also, really tired of the LAZY NARRATIVE that GC is void of talent at all times. Coach Jones gets them to buy in.
  17. Your post did not mention anything about private business. You were suggesting restricting law abiding adults from purchasing a fire arm, since the 2A does not mention age.
  18. Ok......I really do not care about DICK’s and their business practice. I was responding to a poster that implied that age limit is not mentioned in the 2A.
  19. I really don’t care about what DICK’s does. I was just responding to a post about not allowing legal, law abiding adults to purchase a firearm.
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