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  1. This is my new favorite show. I can't wait for the new episode Thursday.
  2. I just bought a macbook pro. So far, a thousand times better than any windows pc I have ever owned. So much smoother.
  3. I live in Louisville, so I am looking for one here, or atleast close by. Thanks to everyone for the help and kind words!
  4. I want to take my girlfriend to one of these 3 restaurants the night I propose because she is a big steak fan (as am I). I am about to be deployed to Afghanistan, so we are going to tie the knot, so to speak, before I go. Which of these three would you choose for a night like that?
  5. Haven't heard to much about Henry lately, i have been asking around about how it is going and the response i am getting is the new coach has only been there maybe 3 to 4 times since he has been hired. Coach Isaacs has been the only one there for the offseason workouts doing weights and speed training. Where is all there help? Have they hired any new coaches? Hate to see a program like Henry who has been very competitive in the past couple of years just fall off the map. Anyone know anything?
  6. Wales from Louisville Central has to be in the running.
  7. Coach Holland coached that way in Henry County as well, and thats why he had his teams competing towards the end. He really preaches defense, and the majority of his practices are based around defense. Strong on the ball pressure and full court man/trap defenses. He is a wiz when it comes to that. With all that said, I think it will be an Oldham County school to bring home the title this year, and for some reason I am thinking it will be North. With one more year under his belt, Rowan could very well be a D1 player in college. He is just so pyhsically built, and has a great BB IQ.
  8. Well said Rockmom. My opinion isn't based on Daylen either. I dont know the kid from jack, as I don't follow X or any other Louisville schools. I just don't understand why anyone would do that with so much on the line. If I wouldv've been lucky enough to get a scholly to any school, I would've skipped Panama and kept my nose clean, knowing that there is a no tolerance policy in hand. I feel for any hotel staff. I wish people would treat the place as if it were their own house.
  9. That just pure ignorance. I remember being you and stupid, but I would have never done anything near this. Just disrespectful. Hope UK moves on without him.
  10. Worst national championship I have witnessed in my young life.
  11. So UL does have an 18%. I will take Liggins and Millers elite 8 and final 4 experience over ULs early exits any day.
  12. The way i feel is that they are just as hot as one another. The talking heads act like Uconns run is better than UKs, i see them as pretty much even with Uconns BE run better than UKs, while UKs NCAA tourney run better.
  13. Didnt notice you had already said this. Dang.
  14. Something that bothers me is how all of the basketball analysts are saying Uconn is on the biggest streak and is the hottest team in the land. UK has won 10 straight, Uconn has won 9. Granted their run through the BE was impressive. Dont know why thats bothering me. But oh well. Cats avenge another one. Cats by 2. I hope.
  15. In a state of euphoria. I have never had the opportunity to be a part of something like this. I could cry lol. I llooovvvee this team. The Redemption Cats have a great chance at #8!
  16. Whoa. I'm loving this game right now. VCU has shut up all doubters in a major way this March.
  17. Add Boston University to UK. They were a tourney team.
  18. My bracket was in the dumps from the get go. I am always in the top 3 or 4 in my pools, but this year I am sitting dead last at 43rd. Breaks my heart. I thought I was better than that. The right side of my bracket is totally done for. Kentucky and Dukes side is almost perfect, but that doesn't help when the other side is shot. Atleast now I can start rooting for the teams I want to win, instead of the teams that will win me the money. Go UK!
  19. Our d is pathetic today. Just wide open layup after wide open layup.
  20. Great kid. He's the Patrick Patterson of UC. He is the kind of player every coach wants. I like UC, but if I didn't I think I would enjoy watching them play because of Gates. But about the game, Cashmere played a great game as well. Uconn is gunna have there hands full Saturday night.
  21. Cincy is really clicking it seems. Mr. Gates is a beast. My favorite UC player since Jason Maxiell.
  22. Woo!! Uk is playing as well as anyone in the country right now. Extremely happy for Miller. What a change.
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