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  1. Grant's County's ineptness is Shelby Valley's gain.
  2. No Coach in the 15th will outwork him! Good Luck Shelby Valley!!
  3. I think the SK faithful are glad to see him go because they saw that the gap was closing between the 2 schools and I understand that from a fans perspective. It is typical for any fan of district rivals to try to make the opposing team look bad. Coach Hicks NEVER made it about himself. He gave credit to the kids in every interview I have seen or read in the past 3 seasons. The priorities that he preached to the team regularly were God, Family,School and Basketball. So for people to call him a joke or offer up criticism for him trying to build the Grant Co basketball program to have a level of excitement that they haven't seen in years is totally classless! My son is extremely proud to have had the opportunity to have played for him the last 3 years and thankful that Coach Hicks gave him the opportunities he has. Coach Hicks is a very passionate person and wants to win EVERY TIME his team takes the floor, Regular season game or not! Good Luck Coach!
  4. That joke you are talking about has already helped more kids have the opportunity to go to college and play basketball than you will ever realize! It has been 6-8 years since Grant has had a kid to go just for basketball. So keep on being a joke Coach, My son will laugh all the way across the stage when he receives his college degree 5 years from now thanks to you. And I'm sure the other players at Grant Co. that you have helped get an opportunity will all be rolling on the floor laughing . Only 1 team celebrates at the end of the year, so who cares about the freakin schedule!
  5. Guffey??? Yeah, that is certainly the answer! :ohbrother: I knew his name was gonna come up! Yep you're right that is the type of coach the administration wants in place!
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Also just for the record, fact is fact!
  7. Let me say the the Administration at Grant County are complete IDIOTS!
  8. I don't care if you have heard of me or not, but now you know where my comments are coming from. I wont hide behind a screen name. Thanks Coach I have always respected you as well. Everybody loves to see someone fail especially after they start to have some success. This yahoo must feel threatened by something.
  9. So grow a set and say who you are. And why worry about what's going on in Grant Co. I know a lot about the program at Grant Co. I am Greg Carr father of Tyler Carr who plays for Grant Co.
  10. OK we get it, but you seem to be making more of this than anybody else by going on and on. My kid will never play in the NBA or high major but you know what there are schools calling and the bottom line is that's what it is all about! Yes the recognition is nice but that and a $1.06 may get you a cup of coffee at McDonald's. I have watched all 3 kids (Carr, Moeves and McNeil) and they all deserve a chance. I have also seen a lot of the kids on the list and yes they deserve a chance. Congratulations TO ALL that were selected.
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