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  1. I'm confused, I was under the impression that both ESPNU and ESPN Classis were premium channels?
  2. I right-clicked on the red x's and clicked on properties then went to the url of each picture and when I came back to the thread they were showing up. Don't see any black in them.
  3. Well either your speculating about Trames feelings or he has told you his feelings. Either way its sad that you are trying to attack not only a kid on the court but his character as well. Just curious, but how do you know what kind of kid Trame wants? Do you and him often talk about players that he doesn't like? If so maybe that brings some light to why he wasn't very appreciated at his last stop. If not I'm sure he probably doesn't like people saying he has negative feelings towards one of his players.
  4. Priceless. Did you attend this game? Judging by your comments I would guess no. Ponzer was one of the few bright spots offensively. Yes he had a few bad passes but show me a high school point guard that doesn't make mistakes. As for Trame, I was a huge fan of his when he was at SK but his previous stop wasn't nearly as successful and left a lot of the supporters of the progran very happy when he decided to step down, including some of his former players. Burns will be a key to this team but at this point his game is nowhere near ready. He reminds me of a freshman or sophomore that is stepping into a starting role. The only problem is he is a senior and is running out of time.
  5. Size yes, but strength no. He is not even close to be the focal point of the offensive attack for WV.
  6. He's not very good... I think he could use a few more years in college to work on his game.
  7. If they were to stay all four years I can say with confidence that they would replace the '96 Cats as my all time favorite team.
  8. Insight is going to make the channel available as a free preview for anyone with a digital cable box (in select areas). I know it is 531 on my digital box up here in NKY.
  9. Good pep talk and I love your spirit but the game is over?
  10. They lost because they dug too deep of a hole and St. X made less mistakes.
  11. It really is, the plays in question are common sense. The 4th and 1 from your own 24 not a good call, and throwing deep with 2 to's when your short passing game has been killing them is also not a good call. Those are the only 2 mistakes outside of the penalty that the coaches have made and they played a role in the game. If they work then we would be singing the praises of those decisions, but the fact is that they still wouldn't have been smart.
  12. Completely agree... 93 yard TD to seal the deal. Great season SK. You made NKY proud and earned some respect from the entire state.
  13. Interception.... Terrible decision to go deep with 2 to's.
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