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Cov. Cath vs Cov Holy Cross Predictions

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Will Cov Cath's pressure D turnover HC and lead to easy baskets, or will HC's length give Cov Cath's shooters fits.I am very interested to see how Jacobs and Sorrell stack up against each other on the same court. Any way you see it, it looks like another entertaining game between these 2 rivals.

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Tough matchup for CCH. I look forward to watching Corey Sorrell and , most likely, Michael Grimes go at it. Corey has put himself in the running for next year's POY along with Nic Simpson. IMO the key for HC is Jimmy Ryan. He MUST have a strong game. He cannot disappear.


I'd expect the game to not get out of the 50s - unfortunately.

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CCH 60

HC 49


Matchup for matchup, I think CCH is better. Also CCH has a better bench. Although I'm sure very few agree with me....I mean, how could these suburban boys win this one?


You're joking right? 1-10 CovCath has more talent than every team in NKY every year. I don't know how they ever lose. :ylsuper:

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I like HC in an upset. I don't think Cov Cath is running on all cylinders right now and probably not a big deal as tourney time is when it counts. With that said, HC is shooting the ball well and has confidence.


Hate to say it, but this game is as big if not bigger than any game in the tourney. Win this game and Beechwood is your first game, lose it and Holmes is your first game in the 35th District. Now honestly who would you rather play in the first game?


CovCath had better have the "O" on track Friday night as well as playing a tough "D" which has been what has won the games for them so far this season....

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CCH is 15-1 (they met 17 times, but I couldn't find a score for the '98-'99 season) since '97.


'05 – ’06

CCH 62 – HC 56

CCH 56 – HC 49 (District Tournament)


’04 - ‘05

CCH 56 – HC 54 (Overtime)


’03 - ‘04

CCH 78 – HC 51

CCH 62 – HC 44 (District Tournament)


’02 - ‘03

CCH 62 – HC 47

CCH 86 – HC 64 (District Tournament)


’01 - ‘02

CCH 69 – HC 53


’00 – ‘01

CCH 80 – HC 54


’99 – ‘00

CCH 68 – HC 56 (Turfway Post Tip Off Classic @ Scott)

HC 56 – CCH 54

CCH 48 – HC 32 (District Tournament)


’98 - ‘99

CCH 51 – HC 50 (KY Post Tip Off Classic @ Scott)

They played again on 1/8/99 but there is no score listed?

CCH 46 – HC 34 (District Championship)


’97 - ‘98

CCH 90 – HC 52

CCH 42 – HC 41 (District Tournament)

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