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  1. It is going to be a packed gym tonight. I would wear your beach clothing as the gym is going to be a sauna! I see this game being a very close one; I think a lot depends on Beechwood being able to contain Maile. If Maile can get 25, I think the Colonels win this easily. If Beechwood can contain him, I think the Tigers pull out the win. My gut feeling still says CCH wins. Cov Cath- 56 Beechwood- 49
  2. Wow! Did both teams run a stall or was it just amazing D with poor shooting?
  3. Lets just hope the Hazard team makes it out of Hazard tomorrow morning. Unless there staying the night in Louisville. Heavy snow in Hazard tonight and supposed to last until 6am.
  4. Can't be touched- Roy Jones JR. We Ready- Archie
  5. That is very impressive to gain 10mph on your fastball in just a few months. Something tells me that radar gun needs to be checked.
  6. Ohio U's Halloween party is the largest in the nation. You can walk from house to house and while your there see a ton of parties, althought i heard they were bringing more cops this year. Party poopers!
  7. $1.98-$2.05 in a lot of places in cincinnati. Hopefully the prices don't go up after the election.
  8. Gas will rise after the new president is sworn in, and most likely after the election. I could see gas dropping to around 2.40 or 2.50 and then risind up to 4 dollars again by next summer.
  9. And they could have been right last year if it weren't for a blown call at the end of the game. I think we all remember this.
  10. Larrimore will easily be the ace of Beechwood next year and probably top 3 pitcher in NKY.
  11. Over half a million poeple in the Cincinnati metro area are without power. I believe the number was somewhere close to 540,000. I know in beachtowns that they close there bridges during tropical storm force winds. I wonder if there have been any closures near the Cincinnati area.
  12. According to weather.com the wind was 35mph in ft. mitchell with a 63mph gust! Scary weather, i couldn't imagine being in a hurricane.
  13. My doctor told me it would be fine to take my decongestion medicine with pain killers at the same time as long as it was over the counter pain killer. So i would say that you are in the clear. I had no problems after taking the medicines at the same time. Good luck and i hope you feel better.
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