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  1. I will agree with Boone. They mascot is sweet also.
  2. Very true. That coach can sometimes put together a game plan that makes way better teams then his lose or be in a game they shouldn't be in. I'd watch out for Mailey too.
  3. I'm pulling for Elliot! I want to see them win the ALL "A" and maybe even take state also. I'm sure no one has ever taken both.:dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa
  4. Sweet I wish I could see it. What was the crouds reaction? Students reaction mainly.:ylsuper:
  5. Twenty is about right but I'm pulling for you Paris.
  6. Winner of Male and Montgomery will meet them in the championship. I think it will be Male for some reason.
  7. Cov. Cath is not the same team we are used to. I look for Scott Co. to win.
  8. What's it depend on. Does he have to clear the transfer rules of KHSAA or something?
  9. Not sure but 6'7 would be a nice addition anywhere.:notworthy:
  10. Very very very surprised. Scott is a good team. Nice win for Dixie though.
  11. Top 3 looks good to me. Holmes is the right pick for number 1 though as of right now.
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