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Brossart 35 Covington Holy Cross 22

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In the beginning of the year against CCHS, I said Brossart seemed soft... A complete 180 has occured and the Stangs are a very tough, gritty team.


Only saw the 4th quarter, but they played composed and tough against a solid HC team. Pulled away at the end. Seemed like Drew Kremer had a solid game.


After the CCHS and HC games, Brossart looks like a team to watch...

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This looks like the score of the 2nd grade game I coached sunday. Wow....did they serve coffee for free to keep everyone awake at halftime?


In all seriousness, Brossart has always played stingy defense and if you look at all of their games over the past 3 yrs you will probably see they dont give up more than 50 a game too often. Holding HC to 22 is a huge victory and they should be proud.


For the Indians, I know I would be working primarily on offense the next couple days because they are going to need to score to beat Holmes.

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I believe Holmes will win by 10+. But don't be surprised if Holy Cross stalling the ball doesn't frustrate the Bulldogs into a bad game. Wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

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