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  1. Get her panties all in a bunch? What?!?! A 16 year old could do what Trump is doing. Say whatever he feels like. But he speaks his mind! Oh what a guy...
  2. Dude, how old are you? I get coming down hard on these guys, because they've obviously done some stupid stuff. But it's obvious you have a personal vendetta against a 19 year old kid dating back from high school sports. Wishing anyone, especially a 19 year old, ill will because he threw a couple touchdowns against your favorite high school team is just so, so wrong.
  3. I think the final was 67-65. Good game. Congrats to Augusta, tough one to swallow for Brossart.
  4. Battle down to the last second. Why would we expect anything else? Both teams missing a key starter. Campbell is solid. Brossart continues to improve.
  5. I understand they are waiting on a total of 7 varsity players?
  6. Just said on CNN that according to the testimony and evidence, fatal shots were at 8-10 feet away.
  7. When it comes to local ribs, imho, they are far and away the best.
  8. Greg and Sherri have been our friends for 32 years. Today a hole was made that will never be filled. Godspeed buddy.
  9. God Bless my friend Greg and his family.
  10. What a deplorable, indefensible act.
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