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  1. Get her panties all in a bunch? What?!?! A 16 year old could do what Trump is doing. Say whatever he feels like. But he speaks his mind! Oh what a guy...
  2. Dude, how old are you? I get coming down hard on these guys, because they've obviously done some stupid stuff. But it's obvious you have a personal vendetta against a 19 year old kid dating back from high school sports. Wishing anyone, especially a 19 year old, ill will because he threw a couple touchdowns against your favorite high school team is just so, so wrong.
  3. I think the final was 67-65. Good game. Congrats to Augusta, tough one to swallow for Brossart.
  4. Battle down to the last second. Why would we expect anything else? Both teams missing a key starter. Campbell is solid. Brossart continues to improve.
  5. I understand they are waiting on a total of 7 varsity players?
  6. Just said on CNN that according to the testimony and evidence, fatal shots were at 8-10 feet away.
  7. When it comes to local ribs, imho, they are far and away the best.
  8. striker

    Greg Rose

    Greg and Sherri have been our friends for 32 years. Today a hole was made that will never be filled. Godspeed buddy.
  9. striker

    Greg Rose

    God Bless my friend Greg and his family.
  10. What a deplorable, indefensible act.
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