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Bishop Brossart 80 Newport 77 (2 OT)

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Great night for our rebuilding, fledgling, upstart Mustangs.


Snapp had 33 - he is amazing. Brossart first year varsity junior had 27 - Not bad for a rookie.


Mustangs trailed 7 at halftime, outscored Newport 19-10 out of the locker-room in the third period and then clawed tooth and nail for the 2OT win.

Huge performances from a lot of different Mustangs!!!


No new popcorn machine! Shoot me! I thought it was supposed to be in place for our home opener. TAC has the scoop ^^

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I'll defer to Mustang for stats and just give my observations.


I thought Gabe Roberts played a great game tonight. Did I miss him last year in JV or did he not play ball?

Brossart's inexperience showed tonight with too many turnovers when pressured. They will get better at this as the season goes. To Newport's credit, they did a great job of forcing those turnovers.

Snapp can light it up if you leave him open. He's quick too. He has a nice supporting class there. I liked Joseph too.

Brossart has got to rebound! Offense/defense. Both were not getting it done.

Fun game tonight overall. Great student section and one crazy parent riding a horse to fire the crowd up!

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