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  1. If you watch the tape, some were led to believe a couple of inept offenses between the two; keen eyes can tell Strong backers lead the programs. Fair enough I like Sullivan and Jones. Jones and Robinson both have another year. I expect them to lead the programs. For the Birds I expect Hodge, Roller and Fenick to work hard this off-season to keep moving forward. Surrey and LaFrange are going to be hard to replace on the defense; but Dunn should lead that side of the ball.
  2. There kids, HHS game against Conner was terrible, just like Coopers effort last night. I think any body can come out of NKY 5A but I like the past two games from the birds. Defense is playing great and the three headed young offense monster was unveiled. If the birds find away to move the ball and get offense like last night watch out. This puts Robinson mostly back at LB. You get LaFrange back in playoffs and Higgason has come along and the dline swarms. Kissee is playing well both ways and I truly believe with Surrey, LaFrange, Higgason and Robinson is the best group of linebackers in
  3. Hey you have to play them anyway. I will state that was a poor performance by Cooper and would prefer that match up.
  4. I agree I expect a better showing if they meet in playoffs. Great job Kissee, A George King sighting tonight and great game Jackson Higgason with a linebacker down. Birds should be healthy after bye week.
  5. The Birds offense came alive! Nice young combos played well. Defense did there thing! I was not impressed with the Jags they did not look good tonight.
  6. I have valid concerns. I hope the boys rally offensively and the defense has a stellar showing once again. Like it is always said next Man up. I expect the boys to understand what is in front of them.
  7. I agree with the ongoing theme. If a boy can play at the next level and gets a percentage of school pay for sign me up. I wouldn’t play if the money isn’t right to much time and taxing on the body. I also laugh at the D1 talent. It is hard at the NAIA and D2 level. Most go academic route d3 with more consideration of aide because of said sport.
  8. Again we needed somebody to tote the ball. I am sure he graded out as best option limiting his defensive snaps. Obviously last game the problem wasn’t the defense. I think the offense best series was the last. Cooper has a pocket passer and a very good running back so another tough game. I do think the defense had a fantastic game. Go back and watch the game and tell me some kids can’t tackle. Some acts on here are getting old.
  9. Agree completely with assessment. That is how I saw it.
  10. Both offenses were vanilla; but the defenses came to play. I reviewed the fg and yes the left guard was blown up. However late in the snap count handcuffed the attempt. I agree with others take penalty and reset kick. Why was there confusion? Same team all year, I think? #6 King, # 18 Surrey, #64 LaFrange and #69 Kissee were a group of senior defensive players that left it all on the field for their final home game. I expect a rematch is coming. Many on here sold the Birds short and thought this would be lopsided, guess again.
  11. It is amazing how tackling evolved. In my era there was bull in the ring, Oklahoma and nobody had green or red jerseys; however we brought the wood and we wrapped. You miss tackles even in practice conditioning was a bear! Football has become soft, in HHS case they have specific drills and it will get better. What I have seen in film is tackle to high and they don’t finish. I have seen missed tackles go from negative yards to 8 yard gains. That has to be corrected.
  12. Exactly! I am 110% in agreement. This not last year birds. Very talented groups coming in framed with weight program. I am very proud of the Senior group! They are the table setters. Season is not done yet; regardless they stayed the course and I am confident that Sphire and his coaches will get this right! As a Senior parent, I am excited about the program, the kids, the coaches. Sometimes seasons don’t end in championships, the true measure of a Man is if you left it better than started! I see new leaders emerging on the field and am excited for the community. Folks this was not a
  13. Weight room is big. That is a big difference! The time spent is crazy in hours. I will guarantee this the time spent this year versus last year is significant. Those in the program know the difference!
  14. I agree on a lot of this but differ in some points. QB is critical and been inconsistent, in fact I see a change next year. Oline play is dead on and is apparent to me. Special teams specifically return has been a nightmare. I think Dline play has been good. LB play is hit or miss. You have had some fantastic games, the question is finished tackling. Many have made great plays; but missed tackles have led to large gains. Let’s be frank they have been in every game but Ryle with opportunities to win. The Conner game was a huge disappointment. Some have not stepped up!!! I
  15. Boy this has jumped the shark! Time will tell if the birds are ready. It has been tough sledding as of late. I feel that many have cashed out. I do believe that the birds are young and will be fine moving forward. I also believed that a group of seniors have played their hearts out. You lose your receiver 1 for the year. Transfer not eligible and no running game. I guarantee you this some know what this week is! Question is will some come and compete.
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