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  1. They look nice! So glad for those programs and the kids in all of NKY are the winners.
  2. Thanks. I believe he deserved more last year and he showed that toward the end of Varsity season. However the great part is he played at both levels which helped in his development. In Spring ball he has shown to be a leader of the defense and transitioned to the other side of the ball well. He has witnessed others in the past year or two in that role and knows what it takes. He wants 4 more years and I believe he has the frame and work ethic to make it happen. More importantly he cares about the program and what role he can do to move it forward. He is tight with his own class but he sees the level of play moving forward in the coming classes. Simple words show them what is expected and leave it better than you had it. I truly believe it is in the works. HHS will 1March forward.
  3. Being a big Alabama fan; nothing would make me happier! Again correct me if I am wrong but both boys play the 3 major sports, correct? They are still young and I have not seen either on the grid iron since the frosh season ended. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. They still have plenty of time to earn there stripes. I and plenty of others can’t wait until they pad up. We have heard plenty of good stuff.
  4. This speaks volumes to those that says Coach is against other sports. Typically you can miss for high school spring sports. I am not sure how that shakes out but Harris was instrumental to the Birds basketball run. I tell mine to work hard everyday and just like if you were working some decisions are above your pay grade. You are always going to have athletes that can play multiple and make it work. What I will say for Harris is he is working the hard and missing the fun. His AAU events take him away weekends in Spring which was the more fun events. in recent years past you miss time you can catch up. This is different. Plenty of Summer left but groundwork has been laid. You better come to work and you have a lot of catching up to do.
  5. Missed Henry King in LB crew as well out. A lot held out injuries, baseball and such. I am curious to what others saw? Overall pleased with performance but plenty of work to do.
  6. It was more team situational than scrimmage. Both offensive and defensive lines look strong. I like Kissee, Bibb and Schwalbach on d-line with Weidner and Woods rotation. Older Roller still out. LB crew was LaFrange Mike and Fenik played Jack with Young Roller and Hodge on the outsides. Harris AAU and Robinson out with Higenson and Welsh in baseball. LaFrange/Robinson are probably are a given but plenty of competition. CB safety king and a lot of youngsters but Dunn was missed. Had a great Spring. I don’t know a lot of the youngsters. offense Noon in green but hit a lot of passes. Lloyd, Surrey ,Porter and Then Matteoli showed well. You still have Welch out. Harris Deburger and Kelsay baseball (bunch of competition there). TE Halpin had a great spring more of the lightning of the group. LaFrange is thunder a step slower but Kissee and him can make holes and he has very good hands will move the sticks. RB Richter looked solid. Hosea still coming back from injury and young Roller. Some others but still learning names. What I witnessed most was a lot of hits and some good trench work. Shout out to Bowman and Barton as well.
  7. My idol Bear Bryant said “There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success.” An entire new level of dedication. You don’t get good by happen stance. Truth be told they are working hard and the boys have bought in. Coach has a system. Trust me, I see the time commitment. Now they truly enjoy an off day. It might not fit all but I am confident in the program moving forward. Other programs beware of the Ides of March; Birds will be on track soon enough!
  8. P/T isn’t going to do it. I am in the camp that Jordan can’t consider it based on pay and what he currently makes. I applaud the thought but I too think this is a missed opportunity. The boys would love to have a class period for work. This should be a full-time position and many student athletes would benefit. Those are my thoughts. Something is better than nothing but having the vision to see the value is missed.
  9. 1March! Lol. Favorite line of the night- Coach I better put the parents on the clock or we are never getting out of here. He brought the parents out of the stands and thanked them and the community to allow him to what he does. It was a fun night!
  10. End of Spring started in the lot with a parents tailgate, boys coming out to Oklahoma and clocked and timed college stations. I was very impressed with the second step of March1. Curious to what others thought. Any standouts? I witnessed a bunch going both ways. Nice to see the first d-line group was really big and allowed LB to come downhill. I like offensive sets and the use of TE. I have been arguing that for years.
  11. Agreed. Dowling was well liked by the players! Tough loss but with time commitments, changing of family dynamics that stuff happens. I wish I had a job that allowed me to coach and mentor and mold young men! I have said this many times, kids grow up to fast. 4 years and then you are going to miss this. Coaching is fun! Parents not so much..
  12. New position and much needed. Nevels has a lot invested in his own operation; so he might have to pass. In any event it was very much needed for many programs.
  13. A fair amount of green jerseys, some precautionary. Many have returned but some missed some or most of Spring. I think all still can return over the next 6 weeks. Hate injuries! On the impactful players, I can only think of one that quit the program but that was well before Spring ball and thought is a tough loss for sure, but each their own. A few might stick with baseball but time will tell. Coach Dowling was a surprise but I believe that had nothing to do with direction of program. Just not enough money to pay the # of assistants. A fair amount of Dad coaches on staff but to be candid the time requirements alone. This program will not be out worked. Night and day difference requirements of the kids. Sunday flag football has a HHS presence; organized stations, morning lifting and just look at the time dedicated to special teams. I have coached with many of those Dads and they know the game. Sphire has them dialed in and I trust the process. The boys I suspected to be leading and playing or doing just that!
  14. Being a huge Alabama fan with both parents graduating from the University during the Bear and Namath days, the program is truly fortunate. Funny story during film breakdown, Coach had a young offensive lineman focused on a nose tackle while the Mike was sent on a blitz; he slow framed the action to everybody’s chuckle. Young Oline was told I bet you now understand having your head on a swivel as you are sitting on your keyster. He relates well and coaches the fine details. The kids are working hard and they are putting in time. I can’t wait for football season and am certain where the program will be in few years!
  15. Exactly. You have been around long enough to know what the wood shed is and what is missing. The long hours, the film critique. Who doesn’t love a young OC that calls out a receiver for not blocking near the goal line. You don’t block you don’t play. Simple concept. Coach wants workers doesn’t sugar coat. Under size and soft; rings true. Folks this is going to take sometime but it is going to go in the right direction without outside influences. Which is right by the kids.
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