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  1. BW is going to get a ton of interest! Great school, great tradition and trending well. I am sure Neff is very popular and kids love him and will do great things. I just don’t see a 16 year old getting the keys of a dream muscle car. Heck you let him co-pilot and enjoy the ride. For those that watched NWO forever!
  2. Congrats for the birds the past two weeks. I really hear some encouraging things now let’s get ready for the real season! Offense has been great; so very encouraged about the defense! Burleigh has two offers and we know an undefeated team that would love to have him next year! Continue to roll! Very exciting and truly what we expected!!!!
  3. Good win at Ryle. Keep the momentum! Did not get to game last week or this week! Keep working!!
  4. It wouldn’t hurt! In any event, he has moved on and playing at the next level. The truth of the matter is not enough games to weigh in on the current group. I for one hope that they continue to improve and show the trend moving in the right direction. I expect to see some hard hitting and a lopsided game this evening. I would never call kids out individually but I expected better on the defensive side of the ball. I hope they challenge this and prove it wrong!
  5. SK was big! Especially in the trenches! My concern is other than Dunn and Robinson is anybody going to step up on that side of the ball. Last year they did not run the middle the birds were killed off tackle and were toasted other than boler who is at Winton on the corners. They found a way to penetrate but to be candid the offense was pathetic and the defense was on the field 75% of the time. Noon needs his touches. I will stack it up to Crone and his cronies were better! This week I want to see something from dline and LB!!! Robinson and Dunn has done what I expected everybody else needs to look in the mirror.
  6. I was able to catch this one in person. Much better effort! Noon needs to touch the ball any way possible. Benke showed well; especially with limited snaps prior. From a birds perspective, defensive line non existent and run pass option was open all day. Robinson and Dunn played well and little Nate W. made plays. Concern is if you safeties are making all the tackles, Houston we have a problem. Hodge made some great plays but on others he was driven downtown. Now SK line is no joke. The trenches are bare. SK has a very good LB core. offense Crone is the complete package and has moxy! I am sure glad we did not see a big dose of RB1 (injured). Blier kid had spunk!! HHS offense play calling needs work and for the love of G, you can have all the speed in the world catch the ball. Don’t worry about the style work on hands!!! I did see the ability to move ball. Use Class more! Still work in process but time growing short! Fun game to watch but still very average programs.. special teams DB kicked well and made a big tackle but otherwise they HHS group is bad!!! Return game.. May want to catch footage of the frog of yesterday years!
  7. I am still 100% behind Sphire and have no issue with assistant coaches. I still absolutely state make our special teams special. Field position was awful! It was like the perfect storm, many mistakes and confidence went in toilet. Like I stated before less talented Senior group last year gave 100%. More talented group were not ready did not lead and believed their own hype. Stop worrying about hudl and protect the H! You better be ready as SK will be on the bird hunt! This fan is hoping last week will be a wake up call. They are not that bad. Taking nothing from SW but Highlands last week were bad! That is being nice!!
  8. Wow! I know last year Senior group was told how impressive and talented the underclassmen were! I can say with certainty they would have not delivered that type of performance. Gut check! The end of the day you have to have pride! DB were smoked, turnovers and field position and special teams that are not special. Dropped balls!!! The end of day out of sorts and boy I am sure glad SW does not have a cannon! It would have been a civil war enactment. Get to work and regroup because my IPad got worked over. Congrats to SW much better in every part of the game!!
  9. Just catching up! I have had conflicts on Fridays for the past and next couple of weeks; but can’t wait to catch birds in action! Nice to see the swagger and nasty but personal fouls haunt (clean that up). Line play in the trenches is great to hear! RB skill will help as that was surely missed last year. Just hope we have enough bulk to offset ground and pound teams. I think the offense will be light years better! I am not worried about Robinson and Dunn as they were beasts last year! The rest of the defense needs to rally around them.
  10. What I would say for HHS it shows talent and young talent at the skill positions. A young QB throwing a tight spiral in a small window builds excitement. The big uglies need to continue to add strength and weight in the hopes of some sort of running game. in the past few years the defense was light years ahead of the offense when healthy: As a bird fan I am excited about the hard work being done. The boys look bigger, better and bolder I am expecting a great season!
  11. Oline and RB play haunted last year team. No great return game either to shorten field. So those were not holes but it made for the defense to be on the field way too much. This team will go as far as the skilled players develop over the off-season. In spring game a young soph throwing the ball. I guess QB option 1&2 were playing baseball. I just hope all report after dead period those around no what I mean. I think Davis has been working hard on kicking leg and I expect young Roller to step up with Fenick in the LB group.
  12. Obvious special teams play or some type of return game. Oline and RB play and lastly a few defensive starters. I have all the confidence in Robinson and Dunn but you have to replace Surrey, Kissee and LaFrange those kids had stops and now replacing Ty as well. I do expect big things from Matteoli and Giesler and of course Noon. Bowden is a 3 year oline starter. Again in my opinion a lot of younger guys played last year just needed a little more time under the belt. I again expect them to contend to be top 3 in NKY.
  13. Highlands should definitely step up this year. Last years class were hard workers but did not have the talent of the coming classes. Last year the Sophs were not Varsity ready. Another year with a full off-season, and a much better weight lifting season. I expect faster and stronger bodies. We will see but I am excited for the program moving forward. I know a few holes that will need a few to step up but the skill sets should be good. I
  14. Ben has always been a favorite! Kids will enjoy him! Great hire!
  15. I am not too concerned about Coach Sphire he is old school and the kids like him! He has his hands all over the program. No Dad will step out of bounds. Last year the kids that played was the right kids. They were young and others had some tough injuries at key positions. The depth will continue to get better and the talent is there it just has to be converted on game day. The only lack is a true return and special team game. If I was Sphire I show back tapes of Colin “Frog” Seidel and get the special teams special. Last year it was bad!!!
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