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  1. They had plenty of size for sure; however they also did hold in the trenches and the JV line was also big and they have been taught how to hold. The fans were classless and the scuffle on the sidelines in the JV game involved a player with 3 unsportsmanlike penalties. As far as the Noon hit it was nice but Hartman and South may be upset with that comment. You of all people like to tell your franchise QB to get out of bounds. I would rather see him take a second read and look to throw the ball, than talk about a tackle after interception.
  2. Those are the 3, I thought of also. That is a lot offense and talent for sure. Cam has been gone a while, Buten was injured most of last year and Sam V did not play so that talent was gone since Sophomore year. That is why I mention they rely heavily on sophomore/junior class now.
  3. The sky is not falling. The kids got to play football and I am sure thankful for the time and staff for letting that happen. I am sure they are Going to continue to learn and get better. Center moving the ball causing offsides, many missed blocks, a sophomore LB that was in the wrong gap resulting in a long TD run with that said he is going to be a good one ! defensive backfield needs work but they played against a very good qb that avoided the rush and hit receivers in stride. Noon looked the part the second half but scared to let it fly. Congrats to Kotsay a Sophomore WR looked real good. Richter had some nice plays at running back. Strength in the program is in the junior and sophomore class but the seniors will step up lead and I think they will. As in years past the defense is light years ahead of the offense especially if you watched Saturday JV action. I think they are going to right the ship and sink the Ryle ship next Friday. Congrats to SK on the win!
  4. I have return watching with the winners theme! Last night was epic. In a crappy weak it was entertaining!
  5. It had nothing to do with parents of past players. Poll players the last 3 seasons and you would know the answer. Love the success for the boys now but you put Vinson on any team they are above 500. I can bury any three if it is delivered and kicked.
  6. Bunnies missed for sure and uncharacteristic free throw shooting for the birds. Vinson on an off night still could be many players career nights. Sam is just that good. Love the leadership!
  7. Agreed stepped up in a big role tonight. An example of somebody playing a role and let the game come to him. Congrats Kyle! Big buckets for my man Oliver Harris tonight! Fun game in the sauna box!!!
  8. I agree with the above posts. The group of juniors, soph and frosh have played a lot of ball together over the years and they have grown!! Vinson distributes the ball and gets the others great looks in which the birds have shooters to capitalize! They are long and lean and Vinson rebounds well!! If they have one issue it would be a real banger and post threat. I have also watched Shumate play for years great handle. Will need to look to score more. Can’t help but love Fields plays just like my youngest. Not above the rim, not an exceptional athlete but what a complimentary player. Shows up in the box and would be exceptional with the right teammates. Just gets the work done!!
  9. Excellent post and very true! My kid happens to love contact and wants the hit that comes with keep your head on a swivel. He needs to work on his speed but that is not the current generation plus if you look at the recent retirement of a Panther now your time on the field might be limited. Those familiar with the program should definitely know it now. Kids are opting to play other sports.
  10. This thread has jumped the shark! I am very happy for the boys having basketball success! However Listerman and Dale are two extremes. Exactly how many basketball alumni that has graduated in the last 5 years showed up on Saturday night! Letting Sam Vinson walk away from football because of some decisions hurt the football program for sure! There are kids walking the hallways that could help any of the three programs right now but boys have chose one or two to concentrate on it is what it is. Baseball, Soccer and now Basketball has cycled. The kids like BW and I know my Son and his class wants to bring the program back. I am not going to excuse the offense of late as it has been a Chinese fire drill. I have been quiet and will remain quiet here after. I am not having other bird programs thrown in this conversation. You and the horsemen and lynch mob know where to find me...
  11. Sam is a special type of athlete! A lot of natural talent with a combo of intense work ethic! Floor general in the making and born leader. Just a great kid! The sky is the limit and very happy for him!
  12. In Burrow we trust! This tide faithful loves the Mojo don’t overthink this bring Joe home!
  13. Now let’s not go there. The region doesn’t have a McNeil, CJ or Kunkle but it is not void of talent especially young talent. Some of those mentioned are frosh and will get better in time! Give me Sam Vinson and I can build around it. Great handles, rebounds, and just a throwback floor general. He also has worked on his jump shot!! Scott at Conner can play and others have very good bloodlines as well either from pops or brothers. Very good list!
  14. I would state that 5 or more of the top 8 in the previous 4 classes were football kids. If you look at a very good JV squad this year almost entirely made of basketball only kids. Add that LUKE and Sam are juniors and do not play football.
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