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College Football News' 2007 Football Preseason Rankings


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CFN 2007 Pre-Preseason Rankings - Top 25


Teams of note:


28. Louisville 2006 Record: 12-1

The team's overall production might not slip under Steve Kragthorpe, but there won't be the same offensive explosion. The passing game will still be light's out, and Anthony Allen and George Stripling will keep the running game going, but most of the defensive stars are gone hurt most by the loss of DT Amobi Okoye and CB William Gay.


35. Notre Dame 2006 Record: 10-3

Is Jimmy Clausen going to get the starting quarterback job right off the bat? Charlie Weis will always get production out of the offense, but it might take a while with eight starters gone including RB Darius Walker , who left early for the NFL. For good and bad, the defense also needs an overhaul.


38. Kentucky 2006 Record: 8-5

The return of QB Andre Woodson, WR Keenan Burton and RB Rafael Little means the offense should be even more dynamic than it was at the end of the year, but the defense, which was among the worst in America throughout last year, needs to make a dramatic improvement in all areas. Teams won't take the Cats lightly this year.


44. Cincinnati 2006 Record: 8-5

New head coach Brian Kelly has already won a game with the team, and he should win a lot more in 2007 with most of the key parts returning. As long as the quarterback situation is settled right off the bat, this will be the big sleeper in the Big East. Only three starters are gone off the defense.

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Their assesment of Louisville is way off, mainly for three factors....


1 - The offense will still be sick

2 - The schedule is not all that hard

3 - The nearly full stable of defenders going into year 3 of this scheme.



I think you're dead on regarding 1 and 2 but 3 is a bit of a question mark. I know that there are a lot of people back that have game experience but from ram02's thread they are only returning about half of the people that they got production from. I think they should be somewhere between 7-12 in the pre-season. Here's what ram02 had them listed as returning on defense--more like half a stable.


54% of tackles, 58% of sacks and 51% of tackles for loss.


25% of interceptions and 41% of breakups.


69% of fumble recovered and 65% of fumbles forced.

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