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2007 Corbin


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They need to start the way they finished in 2006. That includes the line continuing to play to their fullest to protect Cashen and open up holes for the backs. The recievers, which were mostly green for the better part of last season now have a year of experience under their belt to go with their natural talent. In order for Corbin to be successful, the wideouts will need to continue to play like they did towards the later part of the year. Sanders, Campbell, Light, Fritts, and Watkins will need to be successful on the ground in order to keep D's honest for Cashen to pick apart.

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Any truth to former Redhound All-State lineman Derek Marlow being added to the staff. I think with his knowledge, experience, personality, and intensity, you will see what is going to be an already good line take another step to the next level. Great addition by Coach Jewell if this is true. I'm pretty sure it is considering the source I heard it from.

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It's really untellin to be truthful. Even if they do/have, I still wouldn't rule out a return because of being ineligible. Regardless, Corbin appears to be absolutely loaded next year. However, the games ain't played on paper so they'll have to back up the hype that they will be receiving coming into next season. Showing up don't win games...execution does.

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I was told from a very reliable source that would know that he is still planning on going down the road to 1 of 2 schools and expects to be eligble to play.

Many players have moved many places and the majority have played various sports over the years he probley will to.

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What does Corbin need to do to improve in 2007? What do they need to keep doing to be successful? Remember, please be constructive.

This could be a good year for the Hounds. Like to see the offense even out the run and passing game, 50-50 or so depending on their opponent. Their passing route should be shorter, crisper, 3 step drops. When they get wise air it out once in awhile. Their should be plenty of speed on the outside. Give them a chance to catch it and let them work for the rest. Like to see them get Campbell out their, Talk about shaking up a defense, run the 235lb hoss down their throats and see if dose'nt let Chasen @ Co. shine when it's time to throw. They sure did not run him enough last year.

I think their defense will be as good as last years after they fill the few gaps created by their graduating class. Albeit small, they played a big part in their success. I would think some of their sophmores will help this year. Will be an interesting year. Good luck Hounds

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Offensive starters returning for Corbin:

OL - Nolan

OL - Mocahbee

OL - Hayden

OL - Taylor

TE - Madon

WR - Sewell

WR - Wagers

TB - Sanders

FB - Light

QB - Cashen


Have to replace 1 OL with Simons, Martin, Nantz & Lewallen all capable.

French, Amburgey, Fritts, Watkins & Campbell(?) will be among those competing to start at the skill positions.


Defensive starters returning:

DE - Campbell(doubtful)

DT - Nolan

DT - Martin

LB - Madon

LB - Sanders

CB - Freeman

CB - Mitchell

S - Cashen


Corbin will have to replace 2 LB's(French, Watkins, Barton should head the list) and probably 2 DE's(French, Light, Nantz).

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