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  1. When will Bradley and Meeks be healthy?
  2. 4 too many. X and trinity is a given one of them will get it before the season ever starts NCC will win well deserving. I will go out on a limb and say HHS will win as well.
  3. Congratulations. Probably one of the fastet high school football players i have ever witnessed.
  4. Breds make it three, the west isn't as strong as the east in 2A, we know we've been both places recently.
  5. Congrats NCC I hope i was right, that we watched the two best teams in 2A last week at your place. That was hopefilly the state chamionship game.
  6. Congrats to Coach Rains and the LCA eagles
  7. I don't think anybody will stop the train Belfry it on this year. Its headed for Louisville. Belfry by 3 touchdowns.
  8. You got it. There D Line was disciplined, how many ball did we have batted down, hard to get the ball movin through the air with a big paw up there in the air.
  9. Bottom line Corbin had some breaks go the other way in the second half and just got out played in the second half. The emotional drive and intensity was there through out the game. Some missed tackles and such.
  10. I would think #15 from NCC would be listed in there.
  11. Your right the next two years will be a blast!! I am allready looking forward to it.
  12. :thumb: Very well put hounds. Great season Corbin. Good luck to NCC. I think this was alot better of a game than most expected, too bad it didn't go for good for us. It was fun to watch anyhow. Corbin got beat by a very solid opponent last night #24 and #20 are very elusive and # 15 on D allways finds a way to the ball.
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