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  1. Knox Central will name the score in this one. Just wondering I thought all freshman in high school were true freshman?
  2. Maybe nothing wrong just got beat. By the way the facilities are awsome there!
  3. I agree with you but why throw in a backhand comment about two other schools.:idunno:
  4. Very nice hire for Garrard Co. Brad will make them a fine coach. Does Garrard have a new high school about ready to open or maybe it is already, went by the area about a year ago saw work in progress.
  5. Am I missing something or did you get off on the wrong exit? :confused: Anything new out of M'boro?
  6. Ok I'm curious now what have you heard?:popcorn:
  7. Hicks was very successful (not Scott Co. successful, but successful) at Harlan which is 1A and Corbin 2A so no "probably", involved high rate maybe.
  8. I would agree with you this score sounds about right.
  9. Guess I need a ear check I like Guns and Roses and yes Slash is probley the main reason I do.
  10. Personally I really liked it but I must not have the proper ear for music like you!
  11. IMO a great choice for this award, unlike the early two favorites Wilson plays with a lot of heart and a passion for the game at all times. He plays every minute like it may be the last time he is on a basketball floor, others just seem to go through the motions at times. Johnson though plays really hard as well,but can be hot or cold, with the two best players in the region Corbin should have rolled and they did taking care of business.
  12. Man! Don't know what those officals were looking at that wasn't even close. After they leave the gym nothing can be done about it I think thats the rule, not sure?:ohbrother:
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