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  1. Is there any radio station carrying the 10th region final between Paris and Bourbon?
  2. Heard Matt Puckett has accepted the baseball job at GRC, which now opens up the softball coaching position.
  3. Why no announcement on his hire? Dead period starts this weekend and I would think the players would like to meet their new coach before it starts.
  4. Heard interviews were last week? Have they announced a hire yet?
  5. I know it is just a rumor, but at 10th region baseball tournament yesterday, word was a GRC coach (baseball/softball?) was applying for the job.
  6. Heard that the committee voted 6-2 to hire Kevin Mays, a head coach at a 7A school in Florida, but that the committee went with Ryan Sizemore as new head coach. Not sure if an announcement has been officially made as of now.
  7. Trying to listen to game on radio and all I hear is nothing but comments about bad officiating against Montgomery County! Is it like that always?
  8. Great job by Coach Brooks and Paris. Montgomery County 5 for 25 on three-pointers.
  9. Paris first win in last 26 games against Montgomery County.
  10. Campbell Co made a great hire. No one works as hard nor will have his team more prepared than Coach Murray. He is an excellent teacher of the game and an excellent scout of future opponents. On top of it all, he is a good person and family man. The Camels will be a force in the 10th.
  11. My question is, you are playing a weak team and you know that going into the game. WHY do you pitch Miller? Is she all Brossart got? Please tell me their J.V. pitcher could have got this win. Its is nothing but a stat builder game to pitch her. If Miller is it for pitching, then next yr is going to be a long yr for Brossart.
  12. Stats in the state of Ky are always up for interpretation. Nothing against the girls playing on teams in some of the regions in the mountains, but look at the scores of some of these games. High teens or twenties and the opponents score at most one or two runs. Pitching on some of these teams is down right almost slow pitch, hence, the big time stats. Take those same girls with the big stats, and put them on a really good team in western and central Ky and those sames girls stats will be more realistic facing pitchers who throw in the mid to up 50's instead of upper 40's. Put girls from western and central Ky on those mountain teams, and they would bat .625 and have 75 stolen bases.
  13. As of February 2011, head of Montgomery Co Parks and Recreation.
  14. I know the younger Conyers, Caitlin, her mother is getting married this summer and maybe moving to Florida. Is Caitlin going with her or what? That would be a big lost to the team if it happens.
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