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  1. I realize the numbers will go up before all this is over. I do believe we have a grip on the situation with the precautions that are being taken. Will this become as bad as the regular flu, for a lack of a better description? The flu has killed 22,000 this flu season. Why did we not go to the same lengths to stop the flu, as what is being taken for covid-19? I believe I can go about life by using the prescribed precautions.
  2. I want to mention that the minister stated that there are 20,000,000 people in Florida and 77 have the virus. That works out .00000385%. I should have mentioned I am in Florida for the winter. Kentucky’s projected 2020 population is 4,500,000 and has 21 cases, that works out to .00000467%. Also, if the situation is so bad, shouldn’t Disney World have closed back in mid-week instead of staying open until today? The same for schools in Ky. If it was so bad, they should have close mid-week, not at the end of the week.
  3. Check back with me in 14 days. Want to check on my friends as well? How about the 125 or more at church or the 2 dozen at the restaurant or all those at the gym? Precautions of hygiene, if your sick stay home or if you are just worried, stay home.
  4. Precautions need to be taken, but individuals want to live as close to normal, they should do so. My wife and I went to church this morning with 11 others in our group. Attendance was maybe 65% of the usual number. Which makes sense, a number of people with health issues stayed home, with some others just fearing to go out. After church 11 of us went to eat, the youngest in the group is 63. Of the other 20-24 people at the restaurant, small local establishment, almost everyone was 65 plus. During the week my wife and I went shopping, as did others in our group. I also went to the gym 3 times. In all cases the numbers were down 30-40%. The world will go on, just take precautions.
  5. You can listen to the game at pcrosports.airtime.pro. About 2 minutes left in 3rd Camels lead 29-26.
  6. Do not retire unless you have a plan for doing something else. A part time job or volunteering, you cannot just sit around. Although do not tie yourself down where you cannot travel, help with the grandkids or just do something on the spur of the moment.
  7. 1st game I have seen in 3 years. Game is tied at 54, St. Henry hits 1 of 2 free throws to go ahead by 1. With 10.1 seconds left, the Camels drive the length of the floor for the winning basket.
  8. She got what she wanted at the challenge. She manipulated everyone to do what she wanted. She won the idol and everyone did eat , maybe not a lot, but they ate. Although she did waste the idol, but that was later.
  9. Lauren made one of the best, if not the best, play in Survivor history.
  10. I conclude by the limited responses on this season that not as many are watching or at least not as interested. Personally, I am about to stop watching, as I see enough whiney people in the news who say things that turn out to be lies and/or manipulations of the facts.
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