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Christian County/Hopkinsville Consolidation? (Update: Yes)

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On 1/27/2022 at 12:27 PM, The Professor said:

I hope they don’t name the new school Christian County Central. There are so many Centrals out there it’s ridiculous. I watched a streamed game a couple years ago in the WYMT Mountain Classic between Knox Central and Floyd Central and both team’s jersey name was “CENTRAL”. So, Central was playing Central. 😄

 I like what Harlan County did when they consolidated Cawood, Cumberland and Evarts. They simply went with Harlan County High School. Bell County did the same when they consolidated Bell County High and Lone Jack.
Of course in the Christian County-Hopkinsville merger Hoptown folk may not be too happy if they called it Christian County. So they may have to come up with a new name or do what Allen County-Scottsville did and simply use both school names. 

I agree with this take. I don't know if it's been around long enough now but Allen County-Scottsville rolls off the tongue for me.

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I'm also REALLY glad they did away with the "Hopkinsville Christian County Academy" name. I'd expect that there will be some local complaints from the Hopkinsville High School faction about just keeping the Christian County name and ditching any Hopkinsville references aside from the Tiger mascot.

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