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Hazard 21 Pikeville 12


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10 minutes ago, Voice of Reason said:

This is the upset of the night. Unbelievable. I need to hear the details on how this happened. @Bac2369 Give us the scoop!

For Hazard to win this game, they needed to control the clock and keep Pikeville off the field and get off the field on 3rd down. Pikeville marched down the field on its first possession. Hazard then fumbles on its first play. This game could of go bad, but Hazard held. Hazard then goes down and scores and take the lead. Pikeville then milks the clock for 7+ minutes for a score but fails on the 2 point conversion. Hazard drove the field but penalties set them back and they went to halftime with confidence limiting Pikeville to  I believe 3 first half possessions. Hazard opens up the 2nd half with a drive of its own and scores to take the lead 14-12. Pikeville I’m guessing felt the pressure after that. Pikeville drove the field but a big penalty set them back and hazard held and took over and drove the field but punted it. Pikeville then was facing 3rd down and The quarterback threw a pick 6 to Max Johnson. To put them up 21-12. Hazard then recovered a fumbles kickoff and run some time and punted it down to the 7. Pikeville drove to the 1 and failed on 4th down.  So ball game after that. 

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