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  1. Contrary to popular belief...I WAS NOT around for either...
  2. Hazard has been the state champion twice...it has been a while though. And they have been in the semi’s 8 times. Your win total needs to be edited. Thanks for the good info on the Bulldogs though and I hope they beat Fern Creek!
  3. And, that’s with missing six or seven, at the rim put backs or layups.
  4. Just to state the obvious...missed free throws will keep lesser opponents in games and eventually, be the Colonels demise. Hope this is not the case...
  5. I was questioning the approach the coaches would take as far as game planning, if the potential to be playing again in three weeks were to prevail.
  6. With the State Tournament draw being tomorrow, if the 7th and the 9th draw each other or same side of the bracket scenario...would that affect the game between Male and CovCath this Saturday?
  7. Can’t say enough good things about Michael’s athletic ability! The title of Mr. Football is well deserved! A great big...ATTA BOY !!!!
  8. Michael Mayer was selected as a team captain for the East squad.
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