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  1. I was watching Trinity-CCH with plans to watch some of North Laurel. The feed is so choppy that I have a headache… this will be a one month only purchase.
  2. Flashback to 1974…yes, I’m old…Middlesboro had no chance against a stacked Boyd County Lions team led by Rob Chaney, Terry Keelin, and others. In ‘73, Boyd County lost in the state finals and spent all of ‘74 being ranked #1 . Chaney and Keelin both earned scholarships to the University of Kentucky. Jackets traveled to Catlettsburg, a really, really long trip in those days, and upset the highly favored Lions 28-14, on a bitter cold night. Middlesboro did have Ken Roark, another UK scholarship player. Middlesboro followed that with a win over Henry Clay 14-0. Lost to Owensboro 14-7 in the
  3. A hearty congratulations to Coach French! Best of luck to you and the Jackets in the playoffs!
  4. My heart is ALWAYS with the Colonels! My head says, unless Caleb plays his best game of the year...BG. If Caleb is superb..CC26 BG 21 if not BG 28 CC 17
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