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Florida 45 Kentucky 7


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I am going on a rant...


It literally angers me to watch UK's Defense right now, specifically their D-Line. Every SINGLE year UK simply cannot compete because of their D-Line and this year it irritates me because UK actually has a very good secondary and some decent LB's, but the D Line is SOOOOOOOOOOOO horrible and SOOOOOOOOOOO thin that they couldn't stop Trinity from running the ball.


This DLine is murdering them and their chances. They cant get off the field and as a result the entire Defense is getting exhausted. This causes them to get down and then the Offense forces things and it compounds the issue.


It absolutely flabbergasts me that with this clear struggle and this clear weakness that UK has not offered a scholarship to RayQuan Horton from Belfry. Horton is probably the single best Run Stopping D-Linemen to come out of Ky in many years and yet they wont offer him because of his height. Yet they will use scholarships on "projects" like Matt Elam or the Cross kid who at their best create no line surge whatsoever. You complain about your depth and how against Southern Miss you had your DL get too winded because they didn't trust the reserves in game action..but you can't free a scholarship up for one of the few DT's who has dominated in his HS career?


No wonder UL is running laps on UK and even Vanderbilt and South Carolina can pass them up in the SEC despite UK returning an entire roster...


End rant

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I just finished a 4 hour drive back from my sons football game and couldn't wait to

read this thread. It's got to be pretty entertaining. I haven't read

anything in here yet so all I will say right now about the game which I listened to in Sirius XM in the drive back is this....YUCK


There is no way Stoops can keep

his job. Maybe the worst UK showing I can ever remember. 3 complete passes the entire game?!?! And the 3rd didn't come until garbage time late in the 4th qtr although if you ask me, garbage time started in the 1st qtr. How do you go the entire 3rd qtr with 0 offensive yards???? Wow. Lol. Can't do anything but laugh. Let's not just blame the offense, can th defense stop anyone????? The entire

coaching staff on the defensive side

of the ball needs to get canned along with Stoops. It's as if UK made a deal

with the devil who said they could have great basketball teams but their football teams will never be better than an NAIA team.

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Sadly that will go down as an all time bad performance for Barker, he will be in the record books.

I feel real bad for him. When you complete

more passes to the other team

than your own, it makes me really hope he can come back from this one with a chip on his shoulder and just learn from it and it helps him improve and lead this team to bigger and better days.

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Wish I could. The Barker backers on here will get hostile again.

I'm sure Drew would be the first person to tell everyone he had a horrible game and I'm sure he will tell his teammate's to put it all in his shoulders. That's what a leader

does and this is his chance to take that step.

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