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Manual vs. Eastern


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Eastern comes off of a not-so-big win over Doss, while Manual comes off an old fashion whipping from Brentwood. In no way is Eastern very comparable to Brentwood Academy, but they are supposedly improved from last year. This will be a good measuring stick for Manual, in my opinion. Although given the past history of these teams, anything could happen.


I'll say:


Manual- 30

Eastern- 28

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I'll gamble on the Crimsons 21-14. Eastern should be decent and Manual has to play better this week. Manual may have more skilled athletes in general. I have not seen Eastern this year, but coaching staffs of other teams gave me a little insight.

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I noticed a Rhaven Smith in the Manual linescore. Is he the transfer from X? What year is he? How big?

Yeah, he is an Ex-Xman. I think he is a junior. I saw him play a little in the Manual/PRP game last year.

As far as this weeks game goes, Manual didn't have any trouble with the Eagles last season. I was there and I think it was 45-0 at half. Times change, but I don't know if they change that much.



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