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  1. Years past it was usually around 100. Smaller classes and fewer playing FB now. I had 3 sons play. Each had over 100 on freshman team.
  2. How true. It's sad. I played one year at UK many moons ago. I don't get it.
  3. I'll harp on it once more and quit. Louisville roster lists 17 from Kentucky, with several from Jefferson and Oldham. Kentucky lists 10, with 0 from Jefferson and Oldham. Under McDonnell, 5 trips to Omaha. Kentucky has zero.
  4. Dan McDonnell makes a living with Louisville and Kentucky players. For some reason UK doesn't think they are good enough. I guess Super Regionals and 5 trips to Omaha with those players aren't enough. And, don't forget Trey Sweeney, the Yankees' first round pick out of Saint X.
  5. And someone tell me why all of these kids can play at Louisville and WKU and UK isn't even mentioned? Do we not recruit Kentucky?
  6. I agree. Sounds like they are really going all out on this.
  7. I like this schedule because it includes 3 state schools. I like this scheduling because I think it is good for Saint X and Louisville and the rest of the state. I would like to see some of the Lexington area schools step up to the plate.
  8. Thanks. I just couldn't place another building in that space in my mind.
  9. Certainly I have to go with Saint X and Trinity. back before Trinity was its biggest rival, the rivalry was Saint X and Flaget, both schools run by the Xaverian Brothers. Saint X and Male has remained strong over the years, but not so much so is the Saint X and Manual rivalry. Mal v. Manual is among, if not the oldest rivalries in the country. I think it is more traditional than competitive now.
  10. Been watching UK BB going back to the Runts, many of whom I knew. I am always a little squeamish playing starters late in a blowout. Go back and Google Kent Hollenbeck who blew out an ankle starting for Adolph in a blowout. What happens if Wheeler, etc. go down while we are up 25? Opinions will change.
  11. I don't want him to start or necessarily play a lot. My gripe is a 30+ point lead and not playing a scholarship player.
  12. Some of you missed my point. Allen, a scholarship player, could have played at any time during the game up 25+ with 4 starters. Cal did nothing more than embarrass the kid. How long was his leash on Boston? This was a la Billy G.
  13. So, with a 25 point lead, Allen was going to singlehandedly blow the lead with 15 minutes to go?
  14. I didn't say he couldn't coach. Just likes to play games.
  15. I hope he goes somewhere and pulls a Johnny Juzang or the kid that transferred to Michigan. Really getting tired of Cal's games.
  16. I am sorry, but Cal is a jerk for not playing him earlier. He had 20+ point leads and could have easily played him. I think he intentionally is embarrassing the kid and hopes he transfers. A great example for future Kentucky HS kids. Cal should have played the walk-ons earlier. He is so worried about his 5 stars getting drafted he forgets everyone else.
  17. The CJ listed their All State Teams this morning. There are three on offense and three on defense. Incredibly, only two players from 6A Champion Saint Xavier made third team offense. No others on offense or defense. I'm guessing great play as a team here, and a great coaching job by the entire staff. Go Tigers.
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