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  1. How long is this Cincy Saint X contract? This is a horrible season-ender which means nothing to us and is a physical game and sends us into the playoffs with a loss. I don't mind playing them, just not last.
  2. Thanks for the pics. Tried to enlarge to pick out Coach but couldn't.
  3. My head coach at Saint X was John Meihaus. Coach played at Manual then at UK under Bear Bryant, with one of our assistant coaches. As you might have guessed, having learned from Coach Bryant, practices were easy and always had water flowing!
  4. We will miss Alan. His was a job well done.
  5. Is this really a serious thread, or are we just bored out of our minds?
  6. And this was just 77 points. So there's a difference? Neither are correct.What if your son or daughter were on the losing end?
  7. With all due respect to Brown, it probably does not have a player who could make most teams in the 7th region much less start for one.
  8. Yes. Because Male scoring 112 points on Brown is unconscionable.
  9. I am told it was a dollar and cents decision, and not made by the athletic department, who apparently wasn't even consulted. Shively was told after the fact. I don't know anything about Nike. What I have heard thru the grapevine is that this company comes in low and then escalates. I understand money is important, but come on folks, we are in the process of raising 51 million dollars. This is nickel and dime. The bean counters need to get out of this.
  10. The sad thing is there is a strong Saint X connection and relationship with Shively.
  11. I'm sure that when something is needed in an emergency the Houston company will put it on a private jet to Louisville at no charge.
  12. Don't know either answer, but as a private school Saint X has never released any detailed info to the public.
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