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  1. I saw the first game, and in my eyes, X couldn't get to the QB quick enough and Male's speed at WR let them get past the DBs all night. That night X had a bunch of defensive starters out and lost by 7. Some of those starters are back. X has to get to the QB and not allow time for the WRs to get deep. Male is incredibly gifted and it will take a giant effort, but I think X can pull it out.
  2. The winner did not surprise me but the score did. Congrats.
  3. Almost too close to call. I think Male in a "slobber knocker" game, but I am a little suspect about their schedule.
  4. I think the Tigers simply because they are getting close to full strength and it will show. Have to show a lot of respect for the Northington kid.
  5. I'll take Male in this game, only because I haven't seen Trinity play. Male just got by X, and X had 6 defensive starters out, including entire DL, so T might sneak up. Should be some scoring in this one.
  6. SHA won its Apple Tournament in a thriller and hard fought game over CAL. The scoreless game went into sudden death OT,, and the after 2 tied flicks at 4-4 in each, SHA won on a sudden death on the first flick. Personally I think the flick is an awful rule.
  7. Beating Eastern may not be something to thump your chest about.
  8. After winning the KHSAA State Championship over CAL in an OT game on a winning goal by Tournament MVP, Olivia Mayer, Sacred Heart is continuing its winning ways in the 49th Apple Tournament this week. Last night SHA defeated a good CAL team 4-0, and tonight plays South Oldham who it "mercy ruled" last week. Assumption appears to be the team to beat in the other pool. A little hot for the teams this week.
  9. In fairness to X, in 2005 starting QB Brent Curley went out with ankle sprain and a shot to the head. Played a soph and lost a lost of the offense, including Curley who did an excellent QB draw.
  10. Unfortunately I tend to agree with you LTR. If we are unable to throw at all, it will be along night for the Tigers. Glad they got here. Losing first 2 QBs a killer, but maybe wouldn't have made a difference anyway.
  11. November 26, 1999. Saint X 22-Hopkinsville 21. Hoptown up 21-3 at the half. X down with 2 to go and drove the length of the field to win on a Saling to Mayer pass with22 seconds or so left.
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