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Who do you want scheduled??


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For Morgan County's schedule next year...I would like to see something like this.


Rowan Co.

Bath Co.**

Shelby Valley**

Lewis Co


Montgomery Co

West Carter

Pike Central

East Carter


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CovCath --


I'd like to see them start a home and home with Trinity and Lexington Catholic. Further, I'd like to see them play a Dunbar or a Henry Clay. I'd like to see them drop back to only one GCL school per year (although with the current coach, I know that's doubtful) and add a GMC school to the mix (Anderson, Mason, Lakota West, etc.).

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I'd like to see Russell keep Greenup, Boyd and Ashland as non-district games and then pick up some combination of Lawrence County, Johnson Central, Wheelersburg, Ironton or Wayne, WV. I think any of these would strengthen the schedule up quite a bit over what it is now.

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Just fantasizing:


Highlands (in the Rec Bowl, or something)

Mason County (fun game, fun folks)

Belfry (like to "really" beat 'em, for once)

Prestonsburg (Blackcats or Scardycats?)


On to the new district...


Ashland (please let it be at Putnam), Montgomery Co., Bryan Station (hope its at home), and...and...help me out...Woodford?


Paintsville, of course in the Apple Bowl (our freshmen will get plenty of playing time)


And, every 4 years rotate Lawrence, Sheldon Clark, Pikeville, Boyd County, etc.

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