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  1. Where was this thread in December? In January? Ask programs and people from outside yoru area what they think about the Scott H.S. basketball program and they will tell you classy gentlemen that are really well coached and disciplined. Brad Carr has put Scott High School on the map, no longer do people think it's Scott County.
  2. Sounds like the 2nd mistake in Kentucky HS basketball in as many days. The 15th region girl's game has similar issue on a last second shot and alleged phantom foul that won the game for Shelby Valley over Betsy Layne.
  3. Time for a change? Absurd. Coach Kidwell is one of the most respected coaches in the area and does an excellent job. Russell will improve even more next year when their young players mature. Their best talent is within their younger kids. They will be much improved next season with another year of experience.
  4. The public school athletics in Fayette County has been declining partly due to the lack of support those schools are getting from BOE and administration.
  5. This game will be played tonight in West Liberty as scheduled.
  6. Faith Slone hits a last second shot to pull out the win for the Lady Cougars
  7. Morgan Co. scrimmages Russell at Rowan Co. on Friday afternoon.
  8. Morgan Co. snapped state's 2nd longest losing streak at 22 this year. Won 2 games, their first senior night win in 13 years, went from averaging 6-7 points per game to 19.7 and from giving up right at 50ppg to 34.7 and doing so with several Freshman starters. Was a big improvement compared to the last two years.
  9. This game is at Morgan Co. Every home game for the Cougars have been rather exciting. Pound, Va. was OT thriller, Cougars break losing streak and beat Powell Co, Cougars had Magoffin Co. sweating with ball at 20 yard line before losing 24-20, Leslie edges Cougs in Sorghum Bowl 18-16, and Bath Co. scores on 4th down to ice the game last week. Cougars have another streak to break and that is consecutive senior night losses.
  10. I have said it for years and years now, the SEC officiating cadre is among the worst in all of sports at that level and above. I don't have to watch Kentucky and see it happening. So many to name in such little time, of the absurd game costing calls the SEC is notorious for making. While I'm for Florida to win a national championship and I'm a huge fan of Tim Tebow and all of that team, the personal foul call nearly made me fall out of the chair on Saturday. It is about time the SEC holds this bunch accountable. The SEC is the best and most exciting conference in col
  11. Great win for West Jessamine. To see them at 6-0 from where they were before coach Randy Wood took over is amazing. Coach Wood flies under the radar, definitely not a self-promoter, but he is definitely worthy of Coach of the year honors and be in the same talk as those coaches for any prestigous post-season award.
  12. I agree with bugatti. Kentucky can't sit back and play conservative defensively. I would like to see more in the box vs. the Gators, trying to contain their speed by playing responsibiltiies will not be a good match up for us. Risky yes, but forcing FLA. into 2nd and 3rd and longs are a must...it seems as if 3rd downs are automatic 1st downs no matter the yardage because we are not pushing forcing the issue defensively.
  13. Thanks for the compliments, but most all of you guys have better observations than I, perhaps I just get it rolling....haha. I think U of L will win some games and should go to a bowl actually. Watching John Connor get to corner on the lead block is so fun, the next thing you see is a guys legs fly straight up in the air!! Would like to see him as lead blocker more in the red zone. He is actually very good at catching out of the backfield as well, maybe we might see some dumps to him this week. Wish UK pregame was a little more enthusiastic. Hearing Carl Nathe tell me abo
  14. 1. 2-0 is better than 1-1. Kentucky wins and does not perform to the best of ability, turns it over, but makes plays to prevent a true debacle. 2. Hartline played better than 3rd quarter showed. Just 1 ball, the one to McCaskill that he truely missed on his throw, and until I watched replay of game, didn't realize he had those halftime numbers...However, I do wish he would scramble more and get 5-7 yards on 1st or 2nd down, but then again I see how he managed the scramble on 3rd down in which we had to punt late and I see why he don't. 3. John Connor is good, have always sai
  15. They should match up with Bath Co. very well this season I think. Shelby Valley has a great deal of talent and speed. They probably match up better with Bath than Shelby Valley, this year. In the upcoming years, they should match up with everyone in their district...but still have to gain valuable experience and get older, which they are doing now.
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