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To all teams...

The Scribe

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With the 2006 season just hours away from kickoff.....


To the teams, good luck this year and here's hoping you reach your goals.


To the players, never forget why you play the game and here's hoping you reach your personal goals and stay in good health.


To the coaches, thanks for your hard work, which boils down to about $4 an hour when it's all figured up. Good luck to you and here's hoping the wins are many and the headaches are few.


To the fans, keep in mind that the players on your team don't break the huddle with the intention of fumbling the ball, throwing an interception, or missing a block. Imagine working eight hours a day and then going through three more hours of harder work in the heat, rain, or snow. That doesn't count another hour or two of work you're required to bring home and complete. Then you do it again the next day.


Good luck to your team but remember that life continues after the season. There likely won't be any player this year that will list a personal accomplishment achieved during the football season on any job resume, wedding vow, or baby christening a decade or two down the line.


And on a side note, Good Luck to the teams at Gallatin County, Jackson County, and Clinton County who are playing their first seasons of varsity football.

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