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Dalton and Bengals Reach Agreement

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And this my friends is why the Cincinnati Bengals will always be the Cincinnati Bengals and never win anything under Mike Brown.


Mike Brown and the Bengals sign a QB who has these astounding post season numbers to a contract that avg's out to be $19 million a year.


Let's take a look at these great post season numbers by unfortunately the QB who will be on this team for another half dozen years at least.


Compl % 56%

TD's 1

INT's 6

QBR 56


Win/Loss 0/3


So you can be horrible and make close to $20 mill a year, boy can anyone convince me that professional athletes aren't grossly overpaid?


Unfortunately the only thing left to do is hope that I am wrong and they prove me wrong by winning a Super Bowl in the next 6 years with Dalton at the helm.


So the Bengals have 2 more deserving players who should be signed first...AJ Green and Burficit, yet they throw $119 million at Opie...makes perfect sense. Lets tie up the worst of the group up to a long term deal before we tie up the players we actually need to stay here.

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