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  1. I graduated in 1986. It was talked about then.
  2. My thoughts exactly. They need a Center, and they got a good one. As for the people saying, "but he would've been there in the 2d round," no one knows that. I say it's a good pick.
  3. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter · 5m5 minutes ago Framework of Andrew Whitworth deal between Rams and @_SportsTrust: 3 years, $36M, $15M guar, including $2.5M guar in Year 2.
  4. I liked LOST a lot, but I liked Friday Night Lights better and am looking forward to the last season of Game of Thrones. Both of those are better IMHO.
  5. My wife and I saw it on Monday. We both loved it and will watch it again.
  6. Congrats to Frankin-Simpson. You have a very good team. Huge linemen. John's offense couldn't do anything against them. Hope your QB is okay. He's a very accurate passer. Good luck next week. Good season for John Hardin. They started off poorly, but they started jelling and came together as a team. Well done young men. Keep your heads up.
  7. Just got home from the game. Tale of two halves. Shelby County looked really good in the first half, and I was impressed with their athleticism. The John coaching staff made some really good adjustments at halftime. They brought extra pressure and played their assignments, and had some offensive play calls that went directly against what Shelby was doing. Once the momentum switched, it never stopped. John got three interceptions in the 2d half, and it seemed to shock Shelby. Great way to respond in the second half by John. I thought the John coaches couldn't coach? They seemed good to me.
  8. Must've been a heck of a halftime talk. 44-31 JH with 10:15 left.
  9. I'm retired military and put my hand over my heart and do not salute. I don't like bringing attention to myself, and I think that would do it. As for people being disrespectful if people don't put their hand over their heart, as long as people stand, remove their hat, and seem to be showing respect, that's fine as far as I'm concerned.
  10. The score was 49-8, which was the score at halftime. Western is better than the score indicated. They just kept shooting themselves in the foot. Fumble here, bad interception there, dropped passes over there. Having said that, John's offense was moving pretty good. Nice win.
  11. ProFootballTalk Verified account  ‏@ProFootballTalk Vontaze Burfict fined $75,000 for stomp of LeGarrette Blount, but not for hitting knee of Martellus Bennett
  12. Meade went for it on 4th and four at their own 25 yard line. JH sacked the QB and took over on downs. 3 plays later JH scored. Now 42-21 with 5:17 left.
  13. Meade is just running hard pretty much up the middle and off tackle. Going right at them and gaining yards.
  14. Meade took a long drive of their own and scored. 28-21 JH with 28 seconds left in the third quarter. Each team only had one possession in the quarter.
  15. JH took the opening drive of the second half and scored. Took 4:12 off the clock. Now 28-14.
  16. Another Meade TD. Now 21-14 JH with 5:41 left in the half.
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