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  1. My dad played against him in high school, Newport Catholic vs Flaget.
  2. The reason he threw 15 4th quarter TD's is because they were behind and the other team is playing soft/prevent. 16 years, 6 playoff appearances. Exactly average. .500 winning percentage, exactly average. He was on bad teams, not his fault you say, just as when he was on good teams, he wasn't the reason(how about those great defensive lines). In the end, he was a pretty good serviceable quarterback for a long time with 2 Super Bowls. He'll get in, but having guys like Ken Anderson not getting in is a travesty.
  3. Seen video of him, he is a beast as a freshman. Rated #1 player in Ohio for the class of 2023.
  4. Homer Rice had a record of 8-19 as Bengals head coach, thus, no championship there.
  5. A friend of mine from the Marine Corps is partners with Herschel Walker in the pizza and wings business. He was with Herschel at the game last night and says he is a great guy.
  6. Condo community in Highland Heights just outside of Ft.Thomas is Thomas Heights.
  7. Notre Dame tight end Cole Kmet has said today he is declaring for the NFL draft. Good news for Michael Mayer.
  8. The coach was former Heisman trophy winner and NBA veteran Charlie Ward.
  9. My cousin traveled to go to CovCath, and he became the only 4 time regional champion in tennis and got a scholarship to a top 10 college program. It was the best opportunity for him.
  10. Does anybody know who Bill Belichick has a direct line to on his headset? It’s Ernie Adams. Not too many people know who he is. He and Belichick met at Phillips Academy at football practice, a guard and center. He asked if he was related to Steve Belichick, legendary coach/scout at the Naval Academy. Told him he had his dad’s scouting book. Lifetime football nerds were born. Bill started watching film and going on scouting trips with his dad when he was 6. Both of these guys were hired right out of college by NFL teams for their football/film breakdown knowledge. When NFL staffs were much smaller than they are today. Ernie Adams watches film and notices things that no one else does, per Belichick. Belichick makes his new coaches “pad” film. Each play is diagrammed, and filled with every detail. Splits. Movements. Intents. Subtle things. About 10 minutes per play. Hours to finish a game. Then he’ll have them do 3 more games for that opponent...I’m a huge Patriot apologist, but I have no doubt Ernie Adams looks at every conceivable thing to get an advantage, but I want to believe it is the extreme attention to detail and situational football that prepares them for Sunday. I’ll be there tomorrow, hoping for a Patriot win. It’s tough because I want the Bengals to succeed.
  11. Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson laughed at the people who were up in arms over “spygate”. They both said there is no competitive advantage to be gained. Oh my, they are in full view of the public making signals. Oh my God, let’s see, they just signaled they are going to be in an offset front, with no blitz and a bracketed coverage. Let me radio this down so we can get this to Tommy. This takes time, and they do cut off the signal to the QB at at a certain time. You don’t think he has seen every front, blitz, and coverage and disguise ever devised? Could it be the Patriots are better coached with more situational football and attention to detail led by Ernie Adams and Bill Belichick? It’s 3rd and 8, 4th quarter, with 2:12 left and down by 4 with 63 yards to go with a backup cornerback just signed last week-let’s not rely on tendencies and repetition, let’s wait for the guy to decipher what a coach might be signaling so we can radio info to our QB. That’s not how it works. I’ll wait for someone to cogently explain how you can get a competitive advantage. Is anybody also aware of the ex-Jet executive you worked in the NFL office who hated the Patriots who was the leaker in both “spygate” and “deflate gate” whose disinformation is still quoted by the public as facts?
  12. Why would the Patriots send their TV crew to get a couple minutes of film when you can sit in the stands and get the full 3 hours? This is a nothing burger, just as the true facts of "spy gate" and "deflate gate" are.
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