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Ironton (OH) 53 Russell 50

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VanHoose shot the ball tremendously!!! Gagai is also a stud! He will be playing somewhere in college next season! I would also like to add that the Blue Blazers prediction slide of 1 loss is over!!! Congrats to Coach Lafon and the Tigers for playing an excellent game! By the way it was an excellent basketball atmosphere in The Furnace tonight, as well hopefully it will be just as good for the Teresa Wright Jarrell Brooke Wells Enterprises 63rd District Tournament hosted by Russell!!

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From reading the prediction thread about this game it looks like Blue Blazer predicted correctly AGAIN – and that Shooterx3 was over confident.


I wonder if Shooterx3 has to get a tattoo now.

:thumb: Well if shooterx3 wants to get inked up! He knows where to find me!


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How many points did Gagai have?

Gagai had 21 points, Fairmont state was there to see him, had 17 the second half, Ironton had no let down after beating the 47th ranked team in the county wed night, Ironton would have probally beat anyteam in the region tonight, Blue Blazer got lucky! :banana:

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Why should he.



I’m glad you asked.


Because he frequently asks other posters to back-up their predictions with a tattoo – I wondered if he applied the same standard to his own.



(“God forgive me for that right there, and be with all the starving pigmies in Indonesia, Amen.”)



BTW, Russell did give a good team a heck-of-a game. You have some talented players.


Good luck down the stretch.

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