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  1. My two sons played for Coach Hart. Between the two of them, I had a son on the team for the first 7 of Hart’s 10 years at Ashland. I watched practices, games, film, and I’ve been in his home. I saw a lot of Coach – through good times and bad. Leon is a good football coach and a good teacher. More importantly, he is a good man. He made a positive impact on his players and students. He will be missed by many – including me. I wish him all the best.
  2. It was a good game and a tough loss for the Tomcats. Congratulations to the Golden Eagles.
  3. ^^ No, Baker did not play. Coach held out several starters that need to heal. Several younger players got playing time.
  4. This one was a hard hitting, hard fought game – much closer than the score indicates. Belfry’s defense is very good and stopped Ashland’s running game cold. But, the Tomcats managed some big plays to get the win on senior night. Congratulations to the Tomcats!
  5. Yes, the FG was something you don't see often enough in high school football. And Boyd played hard!
  6. Boyd Co. moved the ball better against the Tomcats than I thought they would. Also, the Tomcats had at least 3 turnovers and too many penalties. I don't think coach Hart will be happy.
  7. I hope not Ramdad50, they have played each year for 53-years (I think, anyway some large number of years).
  8. You know I do. I'm sorry Drew was hurt. I'll keep him in my prayers.
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