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  1. We're still a long way from the finals Either team that gets there (Bath/Lewis) has got a shot Doesn't really sound like he overlooked Lewis:ohbrother:
  2. send me a pm Raceland has a summer youth league. I'll give you names and contacts!
  3. My son's middle name is Cawood after Cawood Ledford. I know that is hard to believe because of my absolute and utter dislike for Gillespie, but Cawood is Kentucky.
  4. Man! Old Rambler you were a Raceland Alumni before I was even born!!!!!! Look for another great game! Go Rams! I will be in the endzone as usual cheering y'all on!
  5. Very well sid Future Coach! I'm rather hard on BCG he has offended me personally and because of that I actually am rooting for the man to fail.
  6. OH............IO! Go Bucks! " Son you can go alot of places and be a Lion, Tiger, or Bear. But there is only one place that you can be a Buckeye." Woody Hayes, They really are local even though I live in KY. I'm 120 miles from Lexington and only 86 from Columbus.
  7. All of my statements are facts. I just think that UK could have looked a bit harder and brought a better coach. IMO the hard work of so many is going down the tubes under this current regime. Also Tubby had we'll say 4? potentially embarrassing losses in 10 seasons, and BCG has 4 in a season and 1 game!
  8. I voted for Obama and I will still take communion and still believe I have committed no sin for casting my vote. Some people better quit their harsh judgements or they may not like the way that Christ judge them.
  9. Penn State is in a power conference. That UAB team also beat Dwayne Wade's Marquette team and went to the Sweet Sixteen, Western KY loss also brought Patrick Sparks to UK and 2 Regional Elite Eights and 30 win seasons! Billy G is winless at UK in the NCAA after 1 tourney appearnce at UK. Tubby was 5-0 with a NCAA title.
  10. Gillespie is EXACTLY what is wrong with the Big Blue! Hal Mumme was a better hire Barnhardt and Billy G both need to go! IMO of course!
  11. Awesome Speech! I really believe he will be a great president and unite the country! Welcome President Obama!
  12. Rams will stay focused and win in a big way on senior night! Come boys let's get the perfecr regular season! YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. OH..........IO it's a win and the Buckeyes will take it. OSU has to do a better job in the Red zone if they are to have a chance to win next week. Any without Beanie and probably looking ahead a bit the found themselves having to battle through some adversity which will only make them better as the season goes along. USC will help the Buckeyes get better next week no matter what the outcome will be. GO BUCKS!!!
  14. It worked great under Clinton. We had a balanced budget. The government has the resources to fix big problems alot better than the middle class does. I was asked about being a real democrat so I shared my ideas of what I believe this party stands for and what I personally believe and I find myself way to the left and in MORE agreement with the democratic party than the republican party.
  15. I'm a real democrat, and I would say that I'm politically liberal as in if something is broke I want BIG Government to fix the problems. Dems usually favor peace over war, and really believe in "bubble up" economics as in stimulating the economy through the poor rather than the rich.
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