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    UM..Those who stay will probably lose to Ohio State :(
  1. BK just said on the bowl selection show live. Something along the lines of. It would have to be something incredible for me to leave. They asked his definition of incredible. He said alot of things would be considered like; not having to rebuild a team, family, and a big school with alot of tradition. He said some other things as well just can't remember. He then talked about how he finally got to see his daughter play soccer for the first time in 6.5 weeks. After the way he talked tonight I don't think he will leave for Notre Dame. He seems to be a family man and his family likes where they are. However I do think if Urban left Florida for Notre Dame and Florida approached BK he'd Be more likely to take that one.
  2. I really wish They would've went with TCU/Iowa and Boise/Ga Tech. I really don't think the TCU/Boise game will generate as much revenue either.
  3. I agree. A win over Tennessee and South Carolina and it might be possible. An upset over either Florida/Bama would almost be necessary as well.
  4. No. And the disappointment statement was geared towards me futurecoach. And I still stand by my comment. A true coach of the year canidate would have won a couple more games!
  5. Yeah so clutch:rolleyes:.....He snapped the ball with 8 seconds left last night, and acted like there was 20 nearly costing his team the game. Bottomline is he FROZE UP. He didn't know what to do. Take away the horsecollar/out of bounds kick and we aren't even having this discussion.
  6. Colt has down pretty well but his decision last night almost cost his team it's national title hopes! Personally I think Claussen is better than Colt. And the reasoning for that is; I think Claussen would out play Colt if he were at Texas. And I don't think Colt would do as good as Claussen did this year with all the rumors and adversity he has had to deal with in south bend. But I do realize you are a Texas fan and will in no way agree with me. Just my opinion I guess.
  7. Not entirely... But Yesterday was the the biggest games of the season(except bowl games) and great players rise to the occasion when the teams future is on the line! Most of the analysts yesterday even said they would wait until today or Monday to cast their votes.
  8. I agree with this. My exact same picks in the same order. However I do not think it's hard for a player out west to win as of late. Not with USC bieng out there.
  9. Doesn't surprise me at all. I have Pete Caroll on my Twitter. And his tweets sound the same as mine and my friends(I'm 24). He acts like he's in college there and not the coach. From the music he listens to all the way to the concerts/events he attends. But wow if I were his wife I'd be upset that girl is smokin!
  10. Yes I did see Danville. And ran track against Kelvin. And trust me I've been beaten by plenty of Beechwood/New Cath teams. That's why I said ONE of the best and not the best.
  11. I believe you are ascending on a road thats not supposed to be taken on here... Mayfield did not play anyone like LCA all season and I said that, that would really hurt them in the finals. Maybe had they played someone who was explosive as them it might have been different. But I'd be willing to say that the coaches/players just hadn't seen anything like it and didn't know how to react.
  12. Hayden not blessed with speed? He runs a 4.5...That's no Chris Johnson but I don't think that means he's not "blessed" with speed.
  13. I did..... Here's my quote from the BGP 1A rankings thread(Oct. 6th) And this is what I was told.
  14. First of all CONGRATS TO THE EAGLES! I predicted this all season! And you deserve it. One of the best if not the best 1A team I've ever seen!
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