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  1. Very reason there should be a 35 second shot clock in High School. Just my opinion.
  2. In order to win this game, you must be sound in all 3 phases. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. I like SW on Offense with Spurrier, and I like SW on Defense, but I think BG has the edge on Special Teams, and all it takes is one big break to change the all valuable MO in this game. SW has to stay away from their dumb penalties, and BG O line and D Line will have to play well. Coaching will play a big role with regards to adjustments and because of that I like BG to win. But anyone who thinks this will be a blow out will be sadly mistaken, unless one team turns the ball over to many times. BG 24 SW 21
  3. No worries, Just want to make sure Coach Hahn, who has retired from coaching college basketball now, gets his just due. Ron Everhart, remains on staff with Huggy, just not in that pic.
  4. Quite obviously you are not a Mountaineer Fan, because that is not Ron Everhart, but Bobby Hahn! Huggy looks good for the gold rush game!
  5. Woodford and Madisonville will not meet in the semi's but in the quarter's on Friday morning.
  6. One reason her numbers were so high in the state tourney last year was she had to pitch 5, count them, games in a row and gave up 7 runs to a good Daviess County team last year.
  7. For the record, not a fan of UK, period! Not a fan of Lexington, Period! I think the stadium at (is it Paper or Plastic field), is to large of a setting. Remember these games are played the first weekend in December, the weather in Lexington will be like it is in BG possibly worse, so the "casual" fan is not going to venture out in that. Without a corporate sponsor, as of yet, ticket prices will with out question increase. That being said, I wish UK and Lexington the best as they move forward hosting these events, and WKU and BG became the enemy of their own success. Continue on Toppers!
  8. I would argue as well that Meade, while their record is unimpressive, lost James Baker during the Christmas break and where 8-3 when he went out and are 4-1 since his return for a 12-4 record. He is a game changer at 6'6" who can handle the ball and take it to the rack or step back for a 3. Wouldn't be surprised to see them upset Cooper in the first round.
  9. Perennial favorite might go by the way side. Kinda like E-town the last 2 years.
  10. Bring it back to WKU, the proximity of the restaurants, and places to stay, plus the community of Bowling Green supports the girls state tourney as well.
  11. I seen the first game in December, wasn't even close but the big girl for Murray did not play.
  12. Murray shooting 45% and Butler 26.1% hard to win shooting the ball that poorly
  13. A good pregame between officials could assist in preventing this from happening.
  14. A good pre-game among the officials could help in preventing this from happening!
  15. All 8 on the list are Seniors! Name a underclassman who has won Mr. Football? Junior's have made the finalist list, but I don't believe an underclassman has won the award.
  16. During our pre-game if the ball starts in your primary, you officiate it all the way to the rim, however, if we have a collision, (i.e. Charge/Block) the lead official, under the basket who probably has the best look will take the call, if the ball comes from C or Trail position, you hold your call to see what the Lead official has, to make sure you do not have a "BLARGE"!
  17. Since this award goes to a Senior Football player it should be a career award, not a season award. If it's going to be a season award then any player Freshman on up should win it!
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