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Covington Catholic 56 Dixie 35


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Dixie was so out of shape... They were dead in the 2nd half..Same story different year..


I think Thursday is going to be ugly at HHS. Amazed that the Dixie faithful aren't more up in arms on the subject of conditioning. Year after year, no team does less with more in NKY.

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Give up 35 to Dixie after Dixie got killed the week before (I know without Pike) and they gotta be #2 in the state!? I don't follow that logic.


You can not use any of week 1 to measure Dixie's offense.


You had me confused Clyde, I was measuring CovCath, not Dixie.


And I added without Pike, I can add it again if you like?


Your logic seemed to be based on Dixie not scoring many against NCC but 35 against CCH. CCH's D is a TBD.

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