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  1. Did Highlands see this coming or were they "Pearl Harbored" on December 7, 2013? What adjustments were made in the second half that obviously proved ineffective?
  2. I think what hurt was the missed opportunities in the red zone particularly the end of the half where Drew gets sacked. That was my game changer.
  3. You have to get the feeling that many of today's headlines will read "Highlands Lost" as opposed to "Collins Wins". So far, it's been 14 or so pages of "Highlands Lost".
  4. Looked at some other sites and it seems the joy of Highlands losing and the hatred appears to be throughout the Commonwealth. I think it's more of a headline that Highlands lost rather than the fact that Collins won.
  5. What players should have been used on both sides of the ball for the Birds and where specifically? The Birds have been suspect all year to the pass but Collins ran on them just as bad today.
  6. I still cannot believe Highlands couldn't convert in the red zone. They are usually money once there.
  7. To me they made the Bluebird defense look more porous than the Elder game.
  8. Yes, today Collins was better. I have watched this Bluebird team all year and have always thought they were the best team in the state and still do. I've never seen a more powerful offense, but today was just hard for me to make sense. The 2013 Bluebird offense was one of the best I've ever seen and I cannot be swayed otherwise by some Highlands Haters on here.
  9. Right now it feels like the night Kentucky played Duke 94' or the Bengals vs. 49'rs in 89'.
  10. I congratulated Collins as did many other Highlands fans, but I'll never say that Collins was a better football team than the Bluebirds. Period. Enjoy the gift, IMO.
  11. Were the Birds flat as some say? Was it the defense? What really happened today in Bowling Green? Was the cold weather a factor? Is Collins really a better team than Highlands? Just doesn't make much sense...:idunno:
  12. This thread should be renamed the I hate Highlands thread.....10 pages of ignorance so far.
  13. Birds will be treated like the State Champs when they come home so all you Grinches can come out and watch the Spirit of this community. It will be better than Whoville.
  14. Sounds like a a lot of repressed feelings over the years for a lot of folks on here. Must have been from the annual beatdowns for the past, what, seven years is it? Go Birds
  15. No team in the Commonwealth could sustain the level the Birds have played over the years and especially this year. They are Champions in my eyes. No matter what the score read tonight. Go Birds! They'll be back for sure.
  16. Congratulations to Collins. Collins just beat the best team in the state of Kentucky tonight. The Birds have nothing to hang their heads about.
  17. Sutkamp needs to quit wasting his time and play for Highlands.
  18. lol.....you dirty bird. That's ok, my 4th/5th grade girls basketball game was probably more exciting than the waxing that will take place at 3pm today. Go Birds.
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