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Arrez Henderson

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I was told today that Arrez Henderson was unable to get into Louisiana Tech and is now enrolled at Cincinnati State.


Anyone have information?



If that is the case then it is indeed a shame. It is tough enough to get a D1 scholarship but then not be able to utilize it due to whatever circumstances.

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I checked the La Tech web site, he is not on the roster and couldn't find any press releases stating that he is not a part of the program. I know schools cannot really state why a player is not a part of the program due to grades and privacy but couldn't find anything at all from their local press.

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Why not NKU? What a shame.



I'm guessing here, but it sounds like his academics were not in order. More specifically, it sounds like his test scores didn't qualify.


This is not a good thing; however, it sounds like Cincy State has some solid coaches who will be able to get him to the "next level" athletically.

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