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  1. Very true. I forgot about that. I thought the game was going to swing back to Gallatin there but that single huslte play was a very big momentum changer.
  2. Shelton played like he needed to tonight. He even stepped outside and hit a few 3's. Good rebounding game for him too. I really didnt see gamble do much tonight but his presence seemed enough.
  3. He rolled his ankle. He played sparingly the rest of the game but he was a little out of it.
  4. I feel Gallatin had the game won until early in the 4th. They just semmed to give it away. Maddox getting hurt didnt help much either.
  5. How far did they make it in the state tournament? :deadhorse:
  6. Ill give you the Lincoln County game. But Hazard year in and year out are one of the states top 25's. Last year i think they got up to as high as 8th if I am not mistaken? Hazard ended the year at 31-5. I consider that a very strong victory for the 8th region champs shelby county. Then they lose to the eventual champs Mason county by 10. That looks like a pretty good showing to me.
  7. Im going to place a guess and say you are a very irate fan that supports Owen County? I was at the game and I have to say that there were way more no calls down low on both sides of the floor than there were calls. Sandlin and Knoellman (sp?) did a decent job but as for the other ref, he would let felonys go in the backcourt but would call hand checks. But overall it was a very good game. Both teams fought hard. I also have to give Kudos to Gallatin for making a good comeback to win the game. And as for your last statement, that is completely ridiculous. Zac earns his trips to the charity line. I have never seen a kid get more abused then he does down low. And they do call it "drawing a foul" for a reason...:irked:
  8. Looks like the Dynasty is over... Good effort by both teams. But they both need to work on free throws.
  9. Cooper is not very good... If Ryle wanted to run the score up, it could have been in the hundreds. This just isnt going to be Coopers year.
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