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  1. Is Mike Brown operating an NFL franchise or a half way house??? I know he he called himself a "redeemer" when Henry was getting into trouble, but you have to have limit. If Russell is ever going to make it in the NFL he should be converted to tight end.
  2. I've been to 1, the 1977 Opening Day. I had 4 tickets to game 7 of the World Series in 76, but alas didn't get to use them. So I got 5 tickets to Opening Day. Was a senior in high school, it snowed that morning (about 2 to 3 in.). School was on a 2 hr. dlay so we ditched and froze our butts off. Seats were in the red reserved boxes out in left center.
  3. I know Fleming Co. wants to move back to 39th Dist. and 10th Region. Not wanting to throw a wrench into some peoples plans, but them moving back is a very distinct possibility.
  4. Mandy by Barry Manilow. But since I was in high school when most of the songs on here came out and was listened to by myself and others I'll say this, they may be cheesy now, but some of them "rocked" back in the day!
  5. I think McDonalds retired Mel Turpin's jersey!:laugh::laugh:
  6. I'm not defending Darius at all, but he did play quite a bit his last 2 yrs. at guard along with Middleton at Mason Co. Also, I have noticed this year along with Liggins and Dodson some basic fundamentals which they are either ignoring or told not to do. One is when Wall or Bledsoe is comming down on the break they stop at the 3 pt. line and don't finish filling the lane and give them another option to pass to instead of trying to make layups or acobatic layups and causing turnovers. Another is when the ball is on the opposite side of the court from Darius (or the other 2) and a shot is taken (usually a 3) and the are standing out at the 3 pt. line they fall back on defense, conceding the rebound to the other team instead of going to the basket for weak side rebounding help. These 2 points were very evident during the South Carolina game! Also, when he does drive to the basket he his looking to pass rather than shoot(I know dribble-Drive) but he has to want to shoot too. Seems like he is concedeing his game a little too much to Wall and Co. and is more comfortable just playng defense and letting them score the points.
  7. Well it's happened in the 10th before at Mason Co. several years ago and the previous coach. I think 96 points was the most we ever scored in one game though. Ask players, parents, and coaches or previous coaches from Augusta, Pendleton Co., maybe Deming and Nicholas Co. how they felt or responded to this runnig the score up and pressing in the 4th qtr.
  8. Millatary Intellegence?:confused:
  9. It's not my favorite sports movie, but "The Final Season" is a good baseball movie. No foul language except for a couple of times and the story line is rather fast moving. I considered it rather enjoyable. And for those of you who don't know the story, it's about Norway High in Iowa and their final season before merging with Madison. They won 20 state titles before in 30 years (class A) before closing the school in 1990. By the way Sean Astin who played "Rudy" stars in this movie and directed.
  10. My wife and I have seen it twice and it is an excellent movie imo. Has more to do with life and people willing to give of themselves and do for others than it has to do with football. Almost wanted to become an Ole Miss fan, but it wasn't that good of a movie lol! ESPN did a little segment last week on the coaches who played themselves and how none of them are now with the schools they were representing.
  11. Mason County: 1. Andy Fryman-UK (track & field) 2. Harry Lewis-UNC & Louisville-Lexington Horsemen 3. Last name "Murray"-Army 4. Can't think of the kids name, he graduated a year or so ago, and I think he signed with Holy Cross or Cornell. Any help with names is appreciated.:thumb:
  12. Funny, very funny!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  13. From what I saw today on tv the answer to your question if a big old fat "NO"
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