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When is the weather perfect?

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We talked about this today at work.

Everyone agrees it's been way too hot lately and before you know it it will be too cold. That being said, what is the perfect daytime high and nighttime low? Let's assume fair skies, average humidity, and a very light breeze.

Maybe we'll get a consensus.


For me 78 and 63

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Usually in the fall. Anywhere around what The Deuce said. Where the sun is still hot, but it is comfortable outside. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt, then maybe a sweatshirt at night and not be too hot or too cold. This is different than the same temps in the spring, where that winter chill is still in the air and there is a cold breeze.


And I would rather it be 110 degrees everyday than it ever going below 40. I can't stand the cold.

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How about an average high of 82 and an average low of 62. Record highs and lows of say, 96 and 49. That's Honolulu.


Compare to CVG. Average highs and lows of 86 and 21. Record highs and lows of 103 and -25. I think I'll pack when I get home.

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