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  1. Someone on here said it best Ludlow played a great or good game and HC played good enough to pull one out at the end. This game was a one point game at the half and Ludlow gave HC everything they could want from any team. Good game by Ludlow and HC to hang on for the win. JD
  2. Bellevue looked to be ready to play and Dayton sort of laid back. Bellevue played well and impressed me in this game. JD
  3. Jugg's congrats on a great season at least you all were still playing Friday night when many teams did not. You all have come a long way over the past four years and look to have another good one coming back next year. Keep your heads up and the program going in the right direction again great year. NewCath congrats on a big win and good luck next week against Danville. We hope you all win and carry it all back to Northern Kentucky. JD
  4. Congrats to the JUGG'S now it is time to get the ole monkey off your back by putting together a great game and beating NewCath next week at Newport. Not an easy task however, it can be done just remember 4 quarters of football and bring home the championship. Good Luck JUGG'S. JD
  5. I like my JUGG'S in this one however, go back over the past 5 or 6 years and it seems like everytime Lloyd and Walton hookup it goes down to the wire. I like this a tough one for both teams and feel the one with the fewest miscues will come out on top. This is why they play the games you could look good on paper until the game is played. Good luck to both teams and will pulling for the Juggernauts of Erlanger..JD
  6. I will have to go with Beechwood in this one. Too strong and very physical and one heck of an offensive team. Running clock second half. JD
  7. Lawnboy13 my ole friend thanks for your comments. Lloyd has a lot of good talent and athletes on this team. Yes I would love to see them play without all the penalties and this team put one whole game together without penalties and mistakes like you want to see in NewCath. I feel this game will go down as a classic this year the team with fewer penalties and mistakes comes out on top. Duh that would happen every week if that happens these are young men and it depends on which group shows up for the Jugg's Friday night. Wish them the best and get the jinks off their backs. Go Jugg's and everyone both sides stay healthy. JD
  8. Congrats JUGG'S now get ready to play like that in the District and playoffs. JD
  9. Congrats Jugg's and to Mr. Fann's first game as the new QB what a tremendous young man to talk to he has matured so much in a year. I understand that about a lot of the new Jugg's this year maturity and tradition is back. Good luck next week against the Beechwood Tiger's and Lloyd Alumni Coach Rash. JD
  10. You will never find a better man and person than Coach Hauck. He was a great coach, mentor and just one individual that is enjoying to talk to. I had the pleasure of coaching against him, scouted many of his teams and I have met so many of his players they can only say good things about him. When you do run into him make sure you have plenty of time to talk he will burn your ear off. Glad you got to meet him. JD
  11. I am hoping Beechwood and Raceland in the Championship game. Good luck to all four teams. JD
  12. CONGRATS to Coach Salmons, coaches, players, cheerleaders and fans for a great season and REGIONAL TITLE well deserved and good luck next week and hope you all make it to Bowling Green and face the Beechwood Tiger's. From your Erlanger fan I know "COOP DOG" is looking down on the Raceland Rams Football Team right now and smiling. GOOD LUCK. JD
  13. I watched this score all night on NKY Football scores and was shocked at what I kept seeing. Yes Congrats to Coach Borchers, coaches, players, cheerleaders and fans good luck next week and make "Coop Dog" very happy since the school is named after him he would have been proud to be a JAG. Good Luck. JD
  14. I have to say one thing CoachBuckett has always had class when it came to Beechwood and over the years I scouted for Beechwood treated me with respect when we were in Frankfort. Now CONGRATS to Coach Rash, coaches, players, cheerleaders and fans good luck next week and lets get that monkey off your back and beat Mayfield. JD
  15. Good luck to the Raceland Rams from your Juggernaut connection in Erlanger. Good Luck and stay healthy. JD
  16. I will be pulling for my JUGG's however, I don't know if Lloyd has closed that gap between the two and again the loss to Newport on the turf. Lloyd has a nice team and doing well however, again strength of schedule is hurting the Jugg's. The Coaching staff has now been taking steps in changing that next year and adding some tougher teams. I wish the JUGG's the best and will be pulling for them. JD
  17. Future looking bright in Erlanger after last nights big VICTORY: Tichenor Trojans Middle School won the Championship over Turkeyfoot 18 to 8 and a Undefeated Season to boot. Another great job by Coach Molitor, Coach Smitty and staff, player's, cheerleader's and fans. CONGRATS up and coming Juggernaut's. JD
  18. Congrats Jugg's keep it going in that direction, big game this week with Newport. JD
  19. Congrats Beechwood coaches, players, cheerleaders and fans braving a cold day in October to WIN a big game. Great game plan by coaching staff and the young men of Beechwood went out and played like Champions. Way to keep CovCath's offense off the field and controlling the football. And when your defense was on the field they just flat out punished people. Very impressive game and Beechwood is still made up of mostly Juniors. Show me a Beechwood team with a Slusher on it and a good attitude and that is what you get a great football player. This Beechwood team is very talented and they have some very good weapons. Good luck Tigers going forward. Oh by the way great game calling Coach Hergott and game plan by a great coaching staff. JD
  20. Congrats to the Jugg's for rebounding after last weeks loss to NewCath, looks like the ship is righted and headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work and hard work and it will pay off in the long run. Prepare and play each game one at a time and you will soon be back on the road to revenge. Good luck in next weeks game and stay healthy. JD
  21. Congrats to Newport and my adopted Lion son's Dominick and his brother Demetri by the way congrats on being name Home Coming King last week Dominick. Demetri, I hope you are paving the way for Dominick to get in the end zone. Hope to see you both real soon. Keep up the good work I am very proud of both of you. And again Congrats to Newport players and coaches. JD
  22. Lawnboy13 hope to run into you tonight I will be a the game. JD
  23. Again as in the NEWCATH vs DIXIE thread I stated all the negativity towards players WOW. It is great to see Lloyd out to a good start in being 4 - 0 and not knowing what would have happened if the first game that was cancelled due to weather. As for NEWCATH yes they have played a tough schedule starting out and have not won. I agree NEWCATH is the team to beat and defending Champions of this District for several years. Let the two teams battle it out to determine how they have progressed since game one. I think you can throw out any record with these two teams because they play there hearts out every time these two schools step on the field against each other. Good Luck to both teams and yes especially my LLoyd Juggernauts. JD
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