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  1. Must have changed the Defensive Coordinator as well. They have became extremely stingy. Defense wins championships!
  2. The multiple QB system didn’t work out? I think that might be a first. Typically the choppy rhythm of an offense eventually will throw the opposing defense off...............
  3. Congrats to the young men of Lloyd. What a way to end the streak. I am surprised it didn’t end a year or two sooner with the talent that has came through. I applaud the head ball coach Eric Turner for setting his team up for success. I understand some much needed coaching changes were made and responsibilities were shifted. That is what a lot of people have been waiting for. With this years staff and any of the teams from the past 4 years, Lloyd would have been real contender for a regional championship and or a shot to play for a state title. Again congrats to the Juggs, Coach Turner and the Erlanger faithful a win to be truly proud of.
  4. You are correct sir. Majority of Eastern's great teams were stacked with out of state talent, but with the influx in football programs, and how recruiting is these days, you have to get talent or make your talent from what you can get. Under Hope and Hood the program had a lot of success with Ohio and Kentucky boys. Hopefully this year goes better than last. Worst record in what 54 years, and the 2017 schedule doesn't look any easier.
  5. Well you can take a couple guesses as to the problem(s). Specially when they have the talent, and some people will even say other teams are done but still blow out Lloyd.
  6. What is less than 0%? Right now even with Baylor and WV undefeated their strength of schedule and not having a championship game has them on the outside looking in if the season ended next week. They will need a few teams to lose and even then its not a guarantee. Alabama has 1 spot locked up, I just don't see them losing in the regular season even with Auburn and LSU left on the schedule. The Big 12 will need Michigan to beat OSU and take the Big Ten's spot in the playoffs. Clemson will have to lose at least 1 and Louisville will need to spudder the rest of the way through the season (If not lose again) and with the likely next Heisman Trophy winner I don't see that happening. The only way I see them having the slightest of chances is if Washington has their season ruined by the likes of USC and or CAL.That is a big IF by the way they are playing on both sides of the ball. Even then the Big 12's worst enemy is themselves/Long Horn Network and not willing to expand/share. Until then they can plan on sitting out even if they have an undefeated team and half or more of the top 5 have a loss.
  7. You do realize that it doesn't specify that it's ok if it's on a certain side or not. It's pretty clear (and by pretty I mean extremely) when it specifically say drums are not to be used to assist cheering.
  8. False. I am just going to leave this right here.... Section J) Band or other school provided music during live ball. 1. The band is not to play or cheers be given when the ball is alive by rule. 2. Persons subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any noise that prohibits a team from hearing its signals. Drums, cymbals, bells, and mechanical noise makers shall not be used to assist cheering.
  9. It goes without saying the HC is an extremely talented. They are year in and year out a tough group of kids. Obviously this year they are a legitimate championship team. Now with that being said, to get blown out by a district opponent like that is pitiful. I understand the offense took a huge blow when Durham went out. Still that doesn't excuse the defense for letting 42 points be scored on them. I sincerely hope that the players and coaches take that game personally and regroup.
  10. Absolutely doesn't matter. To get blanked and allow 42 points put on you in a district game is a flat out a joke.
  11. I honestly have no idea how Lloyd recovered the 3rd one. It was a dribble up the middle and it looked like it went straight to a NCC player. But insane how perfect the first 2 were. I'm still in disbelief they recovered all 3.
  12. Oh ok. I saw him get hurt early and limp off, then seen him go back in shortly after. Didn't realize he wasn't back in there. I may need glasses.
  13. Situationally it was terrible, but I liked majority of the drives. Rely on your bread and butter Durham up the middle, then quick passes out to Townsend. The pop pass was a good idea just not on 4th down with everything relying on a catch from a kid who wasn't thrown to all night. Not knocking the kid, just when you haven't caught a few passes or have been targeted all night your "cold" as a reciever. So huge unnecessary gamble on a 4&1 at 15ish yard line. The fake punt.....seriously have no clue what that was about. Several dropped passes that should not have been since they hit the receiver in stride and or in both hands. All things considered a handful of bad plays called on the O. Execution on the other hand is another story.
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