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  1. Correct. Derrick is committed to Toledo right now, but he is still highly considering Purdue.
  2. I know Derrick Barnes from cov holy cross is going.
  3. Cal should win this game.. but I wouldn't be surprised if Danville pulled off the upset
  4. That was my mother and father who fed you the amazing Finke brats and I Agree mostly everything you said and it was a great game to watch! I know my parents enjoyed you guys at the tailgate!
  5. I said questionable calls.. lol which is not a lie.
  6. Why can't you just congrat both teams on a great game.. instead you are always trying to stir the pot..
  7. I like how you only comment on holy cross if they lose but you don't say anything if they win... stop lol
  8. Xaviers feet was still moving and he was moving forward. Should of been a first Down. But doesn't mean holy cross would score. But the refs never gave us a chance to find out
  9. Great game by Danville. Holy cross played their hearts out. Proud to be an Indian. Proud to see my team fight all the way to the end with everything going against them, being down 3 tds, with questionable calls by the refs, being 2 hours away from home. Proud to be a crossback
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