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  1. I will not watch anymore, only watched because of the cute children anyway. Only goes to prove money does not bring happiness.
  2. Fay said that Votto may return Tuesday. To contend they need him for the rest of the season and if EE is done they must go and get someone, hopefully DeRosa.
  3. My husband use to use a c-pap machine, he has now lost 45 lb and does not even breath heavy Yea :dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa so keep on losing and the noise will stop.. good luck.
  4. Williamson , WV Freeburn , Ky Warfield, KY Freeburn, KY Jeffersontown, KY Majestic, KY Morehead, KY Husband was a KY State Trooper so we stayed in Ky.
  5. Happy B-Day to you and the birds.:dancingpa:dancingpa
  6. I watched this show since the beginning, but I don't know now well watch 1 or 2 more to see what's going on, if it continues like this show I will not watch any more.
  7. I like it if you just keep up with friends, not just anybody.
  8. We visit the area often. I have a sister that works there.
  9. I can only listen to one at a time, for petes sake.
  10. We go to the movies and watch them at home especially during the winter or hot summer days.
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