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  1. I forgot Jenkins isnt at Manual anymore. But they have Samsel who is by far the best player in the State. So they should be ahaed of Clarion.:ylsuper:
  2. I cant beleive it is almost here. I have been waiting since April 1. I think UK will break 100 tonight.
  3. Newton reminds me of a young Woodson. We know how that turned out.
  4. I took the Cards and the under.
  5. This game was 14-6 with 1:57 before halftime and Lawrence returned a KO for a TD. Tolsia got it back and threw a INT and Lawrence scored right before half on a TD Pass. That was the ballgame right there. Shane Pack is very good. Tolsia was missing 7 starters last night and only dressed 27 kids. I wish these 2 teams would play when both teams are good but it never works out like that. I also heard that the West kid was moving as soon as football is over.
  6. This is the only thing I dont KNOW:notworthy:
  7. Win a game vs a team once or twice every 5 years in not to bad.:clap:
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