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  1. I agree, Brandon Knight may not be as quick as Wall, but his ability to hit 20-25 foot jump shots makes him more of a threat than Wall was. IMO
  2. Here is a link that explains how exactly the OHSAA calculates the Harbin Points System: Harbin Computer Rankings
  3. Can't be possible. Only 10 games played in Regular Season.
  4. Voice of Reason has a good point. KY should go to back to 4 classes or with all of the consolidation that has happened in KY over the last 25 years maybe they should be only 3 classes in KY.
  5. I haven't heard of a team in OH miss the playoffs with a 10-0 or 9-1 record in recent years. I know of a couple of teams that went 5-5 in OH and made playoffs.
  6. St. Ed's is probably the best team in Ohio. I have said that after they destroyed a good but down Columbus DeSales team 62-0.
  7. They are not ranked #1 in Ohio. AP Poll had them #2 behind Cleveland Glenville in the Final AP Regular Season Poll.
  8. These sites that I mentioned would be in charge of making sure no other events would be taking place. It would not be the responsibility of the High Schools or the KHSAA. Each site that would like to host a playoff game would have to apply to the KHSAA each year to host a game.
  9. I also believe that West Virginia and Tennessee use neutral sites. Tennessee if the higher seeded school meets the criteria to host will do so. Indiana higher seeded team host the first round then in second round the higher seeded team or a team that didnt have a first round home game will host the game. My purpose for the thread is that, I think it is time for a change in the current playoff format.
  10. Good point, BUT, Basketball/Baseball only has one class and the teams are already close to each other when the tournaments start. Football is different, case in point would be Highlands traveling to Paintsville to play Johnson Central. A very long drive for the Bluebirds, they could play at a neutral site say as a example Morehead State (if MSU so desires to host a event).
  11. The KHSAA already oversees the playoffs or is it ran by the higher seeded school?
  12. I believe also that Morehead St. , Pikeville College, Georgetown College to name a few that could host a site also. Yes there is a number of High School sites that could host games too, Belfry comes to mind for one.
  13. Rental cost should be paid for by the KHSAA. Each site would have to meet a certain criteria to host a game, set by the KHSAA and awarded to host a game only by the KHSAA. Each of sites would have a Site Manager in charge of the event. Various duties would be as followed:  Provide participating schools with any necessary information not included in these regulations.  Appoint a media coordinator who will make necessary arrangements for the news media.  Provide visitors with similar press box accommodations and field phone equipment as available for use by the home team. The manager shall notify the competing teams if field phones are not available so that each school may make arrangements for their own communication equipment.  Arrange for a competent timer, scoreboard operator, public address announcer and line-to-gain crew. The timer is required to meet with the officials no later than 30 minutes prior to game time.  Make arrangements for concessions.  Arrange to have a doctor and/or trainer present. Arrange to have an ambulance available or on call for emergencies.  Arrange for an adequate number of law enforcement officers and/or private security.  Provide uniformed police or security to escort officials to and from their dressing quarters and to their cars after the game.  Secure ticket sellers and ticket takers.  Assign dressing rooms to teams and game officials.  Designate seating sections for each school  Make arrangements for halftime activities by school bands.  Assist teams in making housing arrangements, even though each school will be responsible for its housing.  Employ ball boys or girls – high school age or older.  Advertise parking arrangements.  Employ program sellers.  Employ a statistician.  Mark fields in accordance with the National Federation Field Diagram including team areas and the 4-inch wide broken line around the entire field a minimum of six feet from the boundaries.  File financial reports with the KHSAA as soon as possible following the game. All of the ticket sales would go to the KHSAA and then distributed to each school for their expense.
  14. I am wondering if Playoff games should be at neutral sites from the Second round to the Semi-Finals. I read on here about how far teams have to travel and how the officials didnt call the game their way. I believe there is plenty of nice field turf high schools that can host playoff games. One thing for sure, there will be no complaining of how far one team has to go to play or how the officials must be from the home teams town. What does everyone think?
  15. I remember Lawrence County in 1990 had to travel to Mayfield for a semi-final game. They left the day before the game I believe and stayed in E-town before heading out on west. I remember that was the longest bus ride I have ever been on and not leave the state of KY.
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